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D Watkins — about the Washington Redskins and Colin Kaepernick (10 December 2018)



President 41 passes — and the propaganda machine hits high gear again (05 December 2018)



The stock market goes up — when American workers lose (27 November 2018)



Even when the President is factually correct — the Establishment's Lamestream will not credit him — consider Trump's obviously true comments about the Ninth Circuit (23 November 2018)



Democracy does not work — consider Dancing with the Stars' latest winner (20 November 2018)



Air-headed capitalism — eagerly feeds President Trump's genius for attention getting — what could be happier? (19 November 2018)

hey speak, write, think — and publish English — better than we do — sigh (13 March 2019)


Stripping the United States' rosy glasses — Professor Hamid Dabashi made a strong case against the alleged niceness of the "American soul" (16 November 2018)



Ridiculous theater — the American response to the Saudis' presumed murder of Jamal Khashoggi (18 October 2018)



Diversionary American identity politics — "White Pocahontas" Warren — the Emperor of Orange — and the Cherokee Nation (16 October 2018)



A reasonable question from Paul Craig Roberts — about American values and Yemen (01 October 2018)



A coincidental contrast between parasitism and honorably borne duty — the US Senate "versus" Anthonius Gunawan Agung (30 September 2018)



Why would it make sense to talk to reporter Bob Woodward? (13 September 2018)



Lies about employment gains — if good news is missing — we just make it up (09 September 2018)



Was the anonymous New York Times anti-Trump piece a fraud? (08 September 2018)



The sanctification of Senator John McCain — an exercise in American propaganda (31 August 2018)



A rare instance in which — authors' credentials may significantly matter — a book about humanity's supposedly declining intelligence (29 August 2018)



Confirmation bias — as historian Lawrence Davidson explained it (regarding journalism) — I see as a major source of Western democracies' suicide (23 August 2018)



A metaphor for happy self-destruction — this time from the great State of Louisiana (18 August 2018)



Chris Wright said something important — about the bullshit(ization) of American jobs (14 August 2018)



Now the Mainstream is lamely quoting Omarosa — regarding President Trump's allegedly "gibberish" intellect (03 August 2018)



Nazi America — drugging immigrant kids (01 Aug 2018)



Joys of insightful sarcasm — Michael McCaffrey, writing for RT (31 July 2018)



Trump Derangement Syndrome one day — and truth the next — regarding Stephan Richter (27 July 2018)



Should it take umpteen paragraphs — to get to a usually poorly stated point? — a blurb about increasing "stupidness" (25 July 2018)



Does today's United States mildly parallel 1930s Germany? (19 July 2018)



The mindless extent of the United States' jingoistic tribalism — shows itself in pronouncements that President Trump is "traitorous" (17 July 2018)



The Talented-Ass-Kiss-Model for success — US Supreme Court and military (11 July 2018)



Milkless American dicks threatened Ecuador — over breast-feeding — until "manly" Russia stepped in (10 July 2018)



Inspiration on the Fourth of July? (04 July 2018)



Remember Trump's de facto intelligence test? — he failed the international trade part of it, as well (25 June 2018)



One has to abandon hope — to wake up to now — a comment regarding Professor Hamid Dabashi's insight about the United States (16 June 2018)



The American autocracy now cites the Bible to support its oppressions — the Divine Right of Kings and all that (15 June 2018)



The White Plutocratic Conspiracy — silences its protesting NFL slaves (23 May 2018)



Gina the Torturer wins Senate confirmation to become Central Intelligence head — 54-45 — Jesus would be so proud! (18 May 2018)



In these lamentable times — we need to find humor somewhere — how about in the subject of Trotskyites? (07 May 2018)



Reporter Philip Shennon took a potshot at Cooley Law School — and missed every sensible point (05 May 2018)



Glenn Greenwald's assessment — of American journalism — and an added observation (30 April 2018)



Market tyranny limits choices — consider pickup trucks (24 April 2018)



Have you noticed the increasing uselessness of Google — and search engines — generally? (20 April 2018)



Cultural oddities — consider the absence of lightweight, folding utility trailers in the United States (13 April 2018)



Media culture completely misses the point — regarding Mark Zuckerberg (04 April 2018)



Ecuador becomes just another US stooge — shuts off Julian Asange's Internet — If that does not scare you, it should (03 April 2018)



Complacent ignorance will do us in — as surely as an executioner's bullet (27 March 2018)



The angry toddler strikes again — Donnie Little Boy gnaws Andy McCabe's head off (17 March 2018)



Which comes first — flushing our lunacy-prone selves — or destroying much of the world before that last swirl? (15 March 2018)



The Orange Mental Case and other Idiot Republican stories — Kali Holloway strikes back with common sense about the un-wisdom of arming school teachers (27 February 2018)



Militarism is a lying thing — conclusions drawn by U.S. Army Major — Danny Sjursen (23 February 2018)



Murdering children — and seeing ourselves sanely (16 February 2018)



USA in a nutshell — White House Chief of Staff (John Kelly) is reportedly to go — for displaying insufficient anti-sexist outrage — while our Pussy Grabber in Chief continues to ring the dong-gong (10 February 2018)



Douglas MacArthur's 1952 and 1957 comments about American warmongering — accurate and intentionally ignored (06 February 2018)



Rampant capitalism in the American Age — a piquant note from the 2018 Super Bowl (05 February 2018)



We Americans are going to 'stupid' ourselves out of existence — 54 percent of Democrats now think that George W. Bush was a good president (25 January 2018)



Andrew Malcolm's perfectly worded contempt for Congress and press (23 January 2018)



55 percent of American voters — reportedly support shutting government down — so as to increase U.S. military spending (22 January 2018)



With approximately 40 percent voter support — the 'problem' is not President Trump — it's the United States (19 January 2018)



US policy institutionalizes rank stupidity — the Trump Administration's attack on — the Centers for Disease Control's ability to communicate science (16 December 2017)



The escalated American Brainwashing Program begins — courtesy of corporate lackeys at the FCC (15 December 2017)



Gwen Stefani's questionable "Christmas" Special — a micro review (13 December 2017)



Zombie McCarthyism is trashing American values (16 November 2017)



Common sense eludes the United States' Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (13 November 2017)



"This isn't a guns situation" — said President Trump — even though unremitting massacres of the American kind do not happen anywhere else (06 November 2017)



Stupidity (apparently) is a virtue in the United States (03 November 2017)



Censorship for your own good — Twitter versus RT and Sputnik (26 October 2017)



A contrast in effectiveness — Xi Jinping's China versus Trump's United States (24 October 2017)



Can sheep ever become more than just fodder for wolves? — and not tangentially, U.S. Special Forces in Niger (19 October 2017)



How did President Trump make it off childhood's playground — without someone stomping the bully blowhard out of him? (17 October 2017)



Stephan Ricther's German perspective — regarding American societal dysfunction — is it overblown? (15 October 2017)



Mathematician Cathy O'Neil's humanely skeptical mind — is worth reading (10 October 2017)



Abby Zimet's profanely pointed response to the Las Vegas slaughter — and Eric Benét's companion lance into our white-favoring eye (05 October 2017)



Are the Second Amendment's piles of corpses — the necessary price of Liberty? (04 October 2017)



President Trump's genius — for modeling the Ugly American — deserves respect of some kind(02 October 2017)



Senator Lindsey Graham admits — that his passion for the Graham-Cassidy health-murder bill was based on ignorance — and now he laughs about it — WTF? (28 September 2017)



Activist Paul Street is not impressed with the American public's apathy (08 September 2017)



Is Matt Taibbi's perspective on the Lamestream insightful? (31 August 2017)



Is Jeffrey St. Clair right — when he writes that President Trump is "middlebrow" America's mirror? (21 August 2017)



I recommend two short essays — about entrenched US racism (17 August 2017)



The star-spangled monkey house — where toxicity is considered sweet (15 August 2017)



In today's culture — insightful perspective sounds lunatic — a sample from Chris Hedges (31 July 2017)



The fun that our President provides us — a "not serious" nation amused (22 July 2017)



Con man America — Neal Gabler's view has bite (14 July 2017)



Good manners hide all sorts of evils — Margaret Kimberley's comparative assessment of the Trump presidency (06 July 2017)



Unfriendly unhelpfulness at the American border — is this policy? (01 July 2017)



Liberal illogic? — Mother Jones attacked Energy Secretary Rick Perry in a discombobulated way — with silly opponents like these, Trumpists have nothing to worry about (21 June 2017)



Cultural standards and Whiny-Boy Comey (13 June 2017)



The United States' chosen role — seems to be to unsettle the world — the Qatar example — a provocative observation (06 June 2017)



Rescued books and disseminated ideas —  a serendipitous illustration of the value of sorting real and metaphorical trash — Jose Alberto Guttierrez, Antonio Gramsci and Chris Hedges (05 June 2017)



The ridiculous uproar over comedian Kathy Griffin's beheaded Trump shenanigan — and the equally idiotic tumult over President Trump's "covfefe" error (03 June 2017)



Irrelevant Hillary Clinton is still in the news — demonstrating the Lamestream's domineering uselessness — AKA the Goebbels framework

(01 June 2017)



Is Chris Hedges right? — Do "societies that kill their cultures kill themselves"? (08 May 2017)



Chris Hedges essay about the American Nero — and Noam Chomsky's comment about the Republican Party — are they accurate? (01 May 2017)



The United Nations chose Saudi Arabia to advance women's rights — even Cynical Me is left groping for words (26 April 2017)



Andrew Napolitano just published — a powerfully accurate libertarian indictment of the United States' failed democracy — but is his implied cure workable? (22 April 2017)



CIA Director Pompeo takes on the whistleblowing Swede — while Georgia illegally tries to keep people from voting — and Papa Bear O'Reilly wanders off $25 million richer after reportedly harassing women for years — Ain't America grand? (21 April 2017)



The United States' lunacy display — Comey, Gazprom and Putin's Trump puppet (04 April 2017)



Self-immolation — American style (27 March 2017)



Did Evil Turtle Man fall victim to visual propaganda? (07 March 2017)



Does sheer stupidity's carelessness get you down? — Searching for Marcus Aurelius in a world of fools (02 March 2017)



Economist Richard Wolff's short video description — of the most fundamental difference between Capitalism and Socialism — is worth looking at — even for those who think themselves economically knowledgeable (23 February 2017)



The Deep State took Mike Flynn down — how can that be a good thing? (19 February 2017)



The American "Rabble" wavers regarding democracy (12 February 2017)



President Trump's widely attacked moral flaws — are not the main problem (23 January 2017)



Honoring Martin Luther King Jr effectively — requires acting on a paragraph from Chris Hedges(18 January 2017)



A pertinent quotation from philosopher David Hume — translated: we arguably choose to wallow in sewer-like times (13 January 2017)



Glenn Greenwald "streams" a little seriousness — into the Golden Showers Affair (12 January 2017)



Peter van Buren summarized — the American Deep State's attack on President-elect Trump (10 January 2017)



When you think about it — isn't strange that a US president is not vetted for the job? (09 January 2017)



A tweet from Da Boss — and ethics-flouting House Republicans "cockroach" for cover (04 January 2017)



On just the second day of 2017 — House Republicans enthusiastically shouted their affection for moral baseness (03 January 2017)



The Washington Post is now a tabloid (30 November 2016)



Is democracy really a good idea? — one wonders (03 October 2016)



America's elites strike with their tsunami-like stupidity again — consider the new SAT's discriminatory flavor

(23 September 2016)



The Washington Post substitutes government propagandizing for journalism (20 September 2016)



We humans are good at missing the point — for example, CIA Director John Brennan and NFL Countdown's Trent Dilfer (12 September 2016)



Two recommended essays — focus on America's celebration of our inability to think (03 September 2016)



Colin Kaepernick made a good point about racial oppression — predictably, unthinking people piled onto him (30 August 2016)



Is our hysterical use of language turning us into fraidy-cat douche bags? (16 August 2016)



Pessimism about American democracy may be warranted — cultural observations from Thom Hartmann and William Astore (15 August 2016)



Genius is often insightfully succinct — 4 representative aphorisms from Lord Acton (11 August 2016)


Two cultures coping with a third (23 May 2016)

Harriet Tubman’s 20 Dollar Bill — and Pat Buchanan’s Silly Opposition to It — Sometimes It Helps to Remember What Incorrigibly Nasty People Some of Our Predecessors Were (25 April 2016)

Pew’s Projection of the Comparative Growth of World Religions — and My Comment about Probably Even More Culturally Isolated Scientific Thinking (22 April 2016)