Speaking of well-aimed rants — a succulently accurate one — from the always provocative Fred Reed

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01 September 2023



Today's blurb joins yesterday's . . .


. . . regarding the soul-delighting (pustule-lancing) power of well-crafted, accurately directed rants.



Fred Reed joins verbal glory's forefront


Consider the following excerpted words of his:



I despise Trump.


He is a mean-spirited son of a bitch.


His licking the boots of those revolting pseudo-Cubans in Miami and increasing sanctions, utterly unjustified, on Havana, are grounds enough for putting him behind bars.


Trying to starve thirty million Venezuelans into giving up control of their oil, trying to assassinate Maduro are grounds for rehabilitating the guillotine.


Beginning a cold war against China and driving a growing crop of countries into alliance against America gives new meaning to “stupidity.” This is Trump.


I wouldn’t use him for dog food. I like my dog.


But: He isn’t Biden. He has my vote.


The reason for the potential electoral explosion is much deeper [— being] a nauseated, murderous, loathing for Washington and everything it is, does, and wants.


A revulsion too deep to be expressed sometimes even among friends, a feeling that if someone blew up the Capitol with both houses in joint session, and exterminated the whole nest of bloodsuckers, we might get our country back.


When people get so fed up that they just don’t care, that they want to break things and kill something, interesting times are on the horizon.


Burning cities, a nation-wide riot, galloping impoverishment, rat infestation, crime, crime, crime and nobody dares do anything about it, crumbling infrastructure, intense racial hostility and government that encourages it.


It’s gonna blow, sweethearts.


More profoundly, I would love for Trump to win because I could then listen to the shrieking of Washington and New York just as I did when he trounced the loathsome Hillary.


© 2023 Fred Reed, Fred and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, and a Vote for Trump, fredoneverything.org (29 August 2023)



The moral? — If only an asteroid of specific design . . .


. . . would hit the United States and — miraculously, as if designed by God — obliterate everyone high-ranking in American national government and this Grand Plutocracy's corporate offices.


We could start over.


With a much less despicable crew of allegedly societal servants.


The result would be (in spirit) like the Second Coming of Christ, wouldn't it?



Yes, I do sympathize with religious 'end-of-times' Christian folk.


Even though, I am usually skeptical about the existence of Divine Intervention.



So here we are — as I pointed out a few days ago — with Donald Trump representing the ultimate paradox.


Meaning evil, surprisingly taking the shape of mild righteousness, filling in for Holiness's complete absence.


This paradoxical curiosity being (thus) floated up — in times so foul — that even Satan would be taken aback by his massive ongoing success in subduing Good.