Exquisitely targeted rants from a far side of the planet — Caitlin Johnstone

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31 August 2023



When we're surrounded by warmongering parasites . . .


. . . it helps to know that there are insight-filled resisters out there.



Take Australia's Caitlin Johnstone


This week, she wrote two exquisitely on-target rants against humanity's most virulently deadly neocon parasites.


Her skill with words made me smile.


Is there such a thing as an intelligently ranting aria?



Starting with her own US-colonized Australia . . .


. . . (that latest outpost for violent American dumbassery in the Pacific) — Johnstone observed that:



The Australian government has been showing every indication that it is fully willing to charge into a hot war with its top trading partner to please its masters in Washington . . . .


A recent Lowy Institute poll found that eight in ten Australians believe the nation’s alliance with the United States is important for Australia’s security, despite three-quarters also saying they believe the alliance makes Australia more likely to be drawn into a war in Asia.


That’s just plain stupid. . . . [A]nything that makes war with China more likely is making us less secure.


Making bad decisions which hurt your own interests is what stupid people do.


What’s making us stupid in this case is the fact that our nation has the most concentrated media ownership in the western world, a massive chunk of which is owned by longtime US empire asset Rupert Murdoch.


This propaganda-conducive information environment has been distorting Australia’s understanding of the world . . . .


The single biggest lie being circulated in Australia right now is that our government is militarising against China as a defensive measure.


China has literally zero history of invading and occupying countries on the other side of the planet.


You know who does have a very extensive history of doing that? The United States.


The belief that we’re intertwining ourselves with the world’s most aggressive, destructive and war-horny military force as a defensive measure to protect ourselves against that military force’s top rival (who hasn’t dropped a bomb in decades) is transparently false, and only a complete idiot would believe it.


We’re not militarising to defend ourselves against a future attack by China, we’re militarising in preparation for a future US-led attack on the Chinese military.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Only Idiots Believe The US Is Protecting Australia from China, caitlinjohnstone.com.au (29 August 2023)



Taking her ire to the world's slaughter-promotion capital


After seeing the US Senate's mush-brained 'nasty' — Mitch McConnell — mentally freeze up for the second time in immediate recency's memory, Johnstone wrote that:



Capitol Hill is where warmongers and principles go to die.


It’s an assisted living facility for psychopaths —a nursing home where people who receive sexual gratification from dropping military explosives on foreigners go to wait for their decomposition.


The whole place smells like night terrors and urine.


Capitol Hill is a gerontocratic command center where miserable octogenarians in wheelchairs and adult diapers keep pulling the levers of ecocide and nuclear brinkmanship like retirees at a Vegas slot machine as a final fuck you to younger generations who are still capable of enjoying life on this planet.


It’s where they warehouse souls too atrophied and mummified to take a stand against the empire in order to give Americans the illusion of living in a democracy.


This is the hub of the global empire. This is what it looks like.


Corrupt. Decrepit. Blood-spattered. Shitting itself.


And then Hollywood perception managers come in and dress it up as something pretty.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Mitch McConnell’s Brief Flash of Humanity, caitlinjohnstone.com.au (31 August 2023)



The moral? — We sponsor evil by being naively blind . . .


. . . to having been 100 percent manipulated by the Grand Plutocracy's murder-instigating devils.


Lack of reflection, combined with stubbornly held ignorance, makes us stupidly destructive.


There is probably no cure for this trait, in view of most people's irrationality and their comfort with that reality-defying condition.


Western 'civilization' appears to have doomed itself to extinction.