Donald Trump's remarkable resilience is worthy of respect — especially so, in these Deep State scumbag-directed, tyrannical times

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28 August 2023



American elites' Democrat-Republican Uni Party . . .


. . . is out to crush populist former US president Donald Trump.


So far, they are (notably remarkably) failing.



Who would have predicted that . . .


. . . the narcissist, quasi-nitwit and own-worst-enemy — Toddling Donny — would ride the Biden administration's Fascist American Wave — to legitimately acquired (even admirable) prominence in purported defense of the United States' basic constitutional liberties?



History, we see, can be an odd thing


Consider James Howard Kunstler's perspective, regarding the United States' putrescent societal situation:



[Georgia prosecutor] Ms. Willis’s [2020 Georgia presidential election] case hinges on a number of novel propositions.


First, that it is somehow against the law to object to the outcome of an election.


And second, that the process for relief in such a case, as provided in Georgia’s election contest law and the US Electoral Count Act of 1887, does not apply to Mr. Trump and his lawyers.


Will the defendants be allowed to present evidence of serious irregularities in the 2020 Georgia election results? If not, would that not be grounds for dismissal[?]


So far, Democrats in charge of the machinery of law all over the country have skated on mere assertions that the 2020 election was fair.


In Georgia, none of the principals involved in the dispute have been subject to cross-examination, the best instrument for truth-finding in the American legal system.


Mr. Trump seems to be thriving under the tribulation of four court cases brought against him as he runs for election in 2024. Each new set of charges boosts his poll numbers. It helps him hugely that the cases are transparently idiotic and mendacious.


The Party of Chaos is running scared. Everybody knows that “Joe Biden” can’t possibly run for another term and yet the public debate is so grotesquely disabled that nobody will talk about it.


Most particularly, they will not talk about who might take his place.


All they are really demonstrating with this barrage of prosecutions against their chief adversary is how broken, craven, and degenerate the party is, and what a menace it is, as they like to say, to our democracy.


© 2023 James Howard Kunstler, Campaign Photo, (25 August 2023)



The moral? — History occasionally raises strange heroes


God may have a scintillatingly perverse, paradox-infused sense of humor.