Blinken essentially said that the United States will not be happy — until it starts World War 3

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13 September 2023



Strategically speaking (Sun Tzu fashion) . . .


. . . Putin's leadership group (arguably) should have killed the American secretary of state with a missile aimed at Kviv, when the Secretary was there recently, publicly promoting more war.


Blinken's two day presence in Ukraine was intentionally and provocatively contemptuous of Russian security interests.


Once again demonstrating that US neocons are unable to credit any other nation with having legitimate national interests.


That's a recipe for unending war and the destruction of human civilization. Neither of which is in the interest of the true — meaning not neocon, not neoliberal and not psychotic — United States.


In this 'big picture' regard, Putin's over-cautious non-enforcement of previously announced 'red lines' keeps inviting outrageous levels of US-sponsored red-line-overstepping.


Like the following example:



While appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Blinken was asked if he was OK with Ukraine using ATACMS to hit targets deep inside Russian territory.


“In terms of their targeting decisions, it’s their decision, not ours,” Blinken replied.


© 2023 Dave DeCamp, Blinken: US Does Not Oppose Ukraine Targeting Russian Territory With US-Provided Missiles, AntiWar (11 September 2023)



Pansy Putin?


Risk-aversion is what happens when History puts a chess-playing politician, rather than a legitimately great leader, in charge of a nation's existential defense.


One wonders what Russia's supposedly capable generals are doing to move Putin off his Pot of No Consequences Ineptitude.



I cannot imagine World War 2's Stalin — or his Red Army general officer leadership — acting in such a pusillanimous fashion.



If I were a Russian, the idea of literally pissant, cowardly Germany seizing Russian cars and property from my fellow citizens — would have me absolutely ready to drain EU, NATO and American neocon blood.


A sensible person kills life-threatening vermin.


Genuinely capable and patriotic Russian Federation generals would, therefore, exit Putin and substitute Medvedev. Who at least has the balls necessary to carrying out the Federation-saving job and possibly thereby, avoiding World War 3.



The moral? — Risk-aversion breeds existential risk . . .


. . . when dealing with psychotic warmongers like the United States' neocons.


Allegedly 'Dipshit' Putin needs, visibly, to take the 'dip' out of his name.


If Russia's NATO-threatened situation is existential — as Putin regularly says it is — then the Federation should long ago have begun acting in accord with that diagnosis.


Instead of pussy-footing around with a half-assed 'special military operation', no full national mobilization, and even letting Russia's enemies directly assist with conducting the Ukrainian neo-Nazi-led war.


Historical greatness ultimately comes down to having people fear your oft-demonstrated, issue-terminating competence.