West's penchant for nihilistic self-destruction — example Germany

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30 August 2023



Germany — no better example of national self-destruction


We can be excused for thinking that the Biden administration has deflated American power more successfully than any previous American president.


That in itself is an astonishing achievement. Of sorts.


Yet, Germany easily exceeds Dead-Brain Joe's record in national self-obliteration.



Consider the following


First, Germany pretended that the United States did not blow up the Nord Stream (Russian gas) pipelines that it absolutely and completely depended upon for its industrial prominence.


Then mindboggingly, it decided to blame its supposed ally (in something perverted) — Nazi Ukraine — for Nord Stream's destruction.


While still and nevertheless, continuing to provide Ukraine with Germany-weakening money and arms to continue the Zelensky regime's NATO-sponsored attacks on Russia — and — on Russian heritage folk in eastern Ukraine.



In short


Germany's actions amount to self-enslaving itself in service to US corporatism's fascist-inspired intent to dismember Orthodox Russia. That rending, so as to allow American theft of the Federation's natural resources.



From all this, we can conclude that


Slav-hatred is still unconsciously emblematic of Germany.


And in apparent accordance with this historically embedded character trait:



Germany still despises the world's most prominently successful Nazi-squashers,


the Russians —


in preference to more productively hating the Americans,


who are literally squashing Germany today.



Talk about über-stupidity writ large.



Further highlighting its moral putridity . . .


Germany's political elite now sentences two non-harming voices — of sensibly stated societal dissent — to prison.





Matt Taibbi, here, regarding CJ Hopkins's maltreatment at German hands




Bryan Jung, here, regarding Germany's odious treatment of its own court judge, Christian Dettmar.



The moral? — Will anyone mourn the Deutsche Volk . . .


. . . when their goose-stepping, US-vassalized cowardice figuratively sinks beneath gray North Sea waves?


A better overall example of through-and-through loathsomeness — than sheep-souled, jackboot-mentality and self-destroying Germany — is difficult to conjure.


American elites and the United States are, however — and sadly — not far behind.


It is as if the Collective West is Jim Jones(ing) itself on Evil Psychoses Drink.