European Union — that neoliberal throne of alleged human rights — goes full commie-nazi — seizes Russian tourists' cars, phones, personal items

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12 September 2023



Will just retribution come to obliterate . . .


. . . their sanctimoniously warmongering, European pansy-asses?



Russian nationals are effectively banned from taking many personal items with them when traveling to the EU, the European Commission confirmed this week.


Goods ranging from personal cars and smartphones to soap and even toilet paper are sanctioned and thus cannot be brought into the bloc even temporarily or during tourist travels, it explained.


The clarification came following a series of incidents in which German customs authorities were seen confiscating private Russian cars entering the country at least since July.


Moscow then accused Berlin of “stealing” Russian cars and warned its citizens against bringing their cars into Germany.


The German authorities justified their actions by citing sanctions imposed against Russia as early as in 2014 and expanded after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022.


The Annex lists more than 180 categories of goods that, apart from private vehicles, include smartphones and any other phones, cameras, women’s clothing, various types of bags, footwear, soap, perfumery, and even toilet paper.


© 2023 Azerbaycan24, EU allows seizure of phones, cars from Russians, (10 September 2023)



Notice that


The EU is (supposedly) not at war with Russia. Despite happily sending Nazi-led Ukraine — armaments, ridiculous sums of money and literal on-the-ground military intelligence and guidance.


In these European super-cowards' minds, it is acceptable:



(a) to proxy 400,000-450,000 Ukrainian troops to death (so far)


while pretending to stay clear of the conflict


which it, NATO and the United States instigated on imperial purpose,


as well as


(b) to add the voluminous theft of Russians' personal property to that moral atrocity



. . . all in the name of exemplifying the Collective West's allegedly humane values.



Consider, too, that


Strategically speaking, the Russians affected by these seizures are those Russian Federation citizens, who are still open-minded enough to travel in the European Union.


Thus, as usual, the EU demonstrates its geopolitical idiocy by, again, making enemies of potential friends.



The moral? — EU, NATO and US leaderships are all cut from the same demon-impregnated cloth


Metastatically cancerous lunacy is in mandatory vogue in the Collective West.