Why does anyone take Ukraine's Zelensky seriously? — the contemptible guy is so tiresomely deluded

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20 December 2023



With no one in Ukraine's military command . . .


. . . willing to eliminate Ukraine's worst enemy — its own president — one might ask why anyone still takes that deluded super-fool seriously.


Below is an example of Volodymyr Zelensky's (transparently literal) idiocy:



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Tuesday dismissed suggestions of a rift with army chief Valery Zaluzhny but said he still wants to see "very concrete things" from the military leadership.


Zaluzhny wrote in The Economist last month that the 21-month-old war with Russia had reached a stalemate, drawing a rebuke from the president's office.


"I am waiting for very concrete things on the battlefield," he said of Ukraine's General Staff.


"The strategy is clear - we have an understanding of our actions. I want to see details. I think that's fair."


Zelenskiy also said the military had asked for an additional 450,000 to 500,000 people to be mobilised into the army, but that a final decision had not been taken.


© 2023  Pavel Polityuk, Dan Peleschuk, Christina Fincher and Josie Kao, Zelenskiy Dismisses Idea of Rift with Army Chief, but Wants More 'Concrete' Gains, Reuters (19 December 2023)



In truth


The outcome of this war has permanently settled in Russia's overwhelming favor.


"Stalemate" is a delusion. Evidently fostered by Nazi Ukraine's inability to acknowledge that it has virtually nothing, including fit and competent troops, to fight with.


The Ukraine military's (still undecided) call for a half million more draftees focuses on populational dregs that are unfit for military service. The people who were fit are either dead or incapacitated.


On the ground, Russia can do pretty much whatever it wants, depending upon how many resources the Federation decides to aim that way. And at what pace it wishes to proceed. No one knowledgeably rational argues otherwise.


Yet, here remains the (arguably drug-influenced) Zelensky claiming that "concrete things" are still to be accomplished, even though the means to accomplish the alleged list have vanished.


The only reason that this morally despicable fool is still alive is that:



Russia, no doubt, deems him so unintelligent and system-drainingly corrupt, that he has become an asset for their side




Ukrainian generals are too cowardly — or too un-patriotic — to remove his disastrous ass from its perch on Ukraine-destroying power.



Notice (also) that . . .


A competently run Ukrainian nation would have undergone total mobilization, just as soon as its plot to genocide Donbas Russians failed and the Russians launched their countering 'special military operation'.


A historically knowledgeable entity would not have attacked the Russian Bear's offspring, without simultaneously recognizing that it had (thereby) just put its own existence on probable life support.


There must be something about Nazism (in Ukraine) and Fascism (in the West) that makes them both incorrigibly stupid, when it comes to properly assessing Russia's historically indominable survival gene.



The moral? — Why is it that . . .


. . . the world's most cesspit-level clueless and Satanic people remain in charge all over the West?


This cannot be random happenstance, can it?