Why is Zelensky still alive? — a comment about military duty

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16 December 2023





First, facts about the Ukraine War.


And then, a question about failed military duty.



Facts — Ukraine is basically destroyed


A whole generation of reproductive aged men are dead. Roughly 500,000 and counting.


In their place, essentially untrained and unfit pregnant women, oldsters and teens are being sent to the Ukraine War's front.


Ukrainian president Zelensky keeps tossing lives into the strategically hopeless slaughter zone, so as to keep his corruption machine going.



Situationally related to these appalling facts . . .


. . . is that Zelensky and the West intentionally provoked this war with Russia.


Initially, by slaughtering 14,000 Russian-heritage people in the Donbas. Then, by massing an army near the Russian border, so as to finish the in-progress quasi-extermination.


And finally, by continuing their anti-humanitarian and strategically purposeless fight, when Russia invaded Ukraine in (easily arguable) self-defense.



Morally repugnantly, all the while


Zelensky (and the West) babbled about what a great democracy Ukraine was and remains.


When, in fact, Ukraine is a freedom-suppressing, totalitarian, Nazi-led state. Which apparently exists (virtually only) to feed the insatiable lucre-swilling appetites of the soulless people, who run it.


Zelensky being most visibly first among those parasitic devils.


A vomit-inducing, cocaine-snorting, dumbshit of a man. Who still calls for the draining of Ukrainian lives, as Ukraine' self-inflicted death march continues.



Ergo, the question


What are Ukraine's generals — supposedly duty-bound to avert the extinguishment of their own nation-state — doing about Zelensky (and the West's) strategically pointless elimination of Ukraine's hopes for future existence?


Presumably, some of these guys have access to highly effective kill groups.


You know, squads of military folks who would eliminate nation-destroying Zelensky — and his power-seeking supporters — in the comparative blink of an eye.


Why are these generals sitting on their asses, as Ukraine's future disappears around them?



Are Ukraine's generals also corrupt?


Do they continue siphoning the West's Ukraine-proxying money, while their cobbled-together nation's generational future disappears among each day's pools of blood?



Or is cowardice the answer?


Why is Ukraine's obscene momentum toward population-extinction continuing?


Is Ukraine's fragmented society, like the West's, determined to suicide?



The moral? — A better example of failed military and moral duty would be hard to find


Ukraine represents yet another example of the worst among a culture, being promoted to run it.


Exactly in parallel with most of Europe and the United States.


Thus, in parable manner — beware the abysmal mental and moral quality of those whom we elevate to power.