Transitioning from the absurdity of the supposed Chinese 'spy' balloon — now we're dealing with a US-concocted Chinese 'police station' in New York City

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26 April 2023



I am, it appears . . .


. . . a citizen of the most revoltingly idiotic country on the planet.



Here is Margaret Kimberley's accurately taken perspective . . .


. . . regarding the latest stream of US-sponsored (horseshit-based) warmongering:



The U.S. can shoot down balloons, call names, and claim that China has "police stations" in New York City. It cannot stop the decline of its own making as it engages in war propaganda theater.


Like every small child does when frustrated about not getting their way, the U.S. ups the ante with a brand new tantrum.


Balloons are so two months ago, as are demented questions about Tik Tok. Now the courts are tools of the futile effort to subjugate China.


In New York City prosecutors charged two Chinese-Americans with failing to register as agents of a foreign government by setting up a “police station” under the control of China’s government.


The trope of the Chinese police station has gone from a laughable war propaganda theory to war by other means.


[T]he office was not a secret as it had been opened publicly. Nor is it anything resembling a police station. The term is a fiction, a creation of the state and their friends in the media meant to incite fear and hatred of China and to normalize the idea of armed conflict.


These offices where Chinese citizens can get licenses renewed don’t have lock-ups or armed officers and are definitely not police stations.


The charges filed against the two men are purely political and will not lead to any advantage for the United States.


© 2023 Margaret Kimberley, Chinese "Police Stations" and War Propaganda, Black Agenda Report (19 April 2023)



The moral? — The US is going down the post-Imperial toilet . . .


. . . exhibiting haplessly belligerent idiocy.


As Alex Christoforou observed recently, "Other countries don't act like this".


History is going to spit on the water that washes away our recently earned 'idiots-all' burial site.


And the ghosts of America's Founders will join that consensus-borne revulsion toward their successors' degradation of what was once the Founders' respect-worthy product.


Really, we all should be deeply-deeply embarrassed.


Maybe even enough to get off our behinds and reclaim something honor-worthy — from the wreckage that America's verminous neocons have created with their endless streams of rabidly insane doings.