Christoforou and Mercouris expressed the nihilistic enormity of American neocons' constant lies

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22 April 2023



The all-encompassing scope of US-orchestrated evil . . .


. . . (here and abroad) is difficult to coherently grasp.


Which may explain the American public's somnolence, when it comes to comprehending the swath of destruction that increasingly likely awaits them.



That said . . .


Today, I draw attention to two people, who have (unusually capably) put the scope of rampant American Nihilism into concisely delivered proportion.


On the subject of the wall-to-wall (all day long) Government and Corporatocracy-initiated lying — which underlies neocons' and neoliberals' destruction of American societal order and prosperity — Alex Christoforou yesterday modeled how a sanely aware human being should (viscerally) react to these neocon vermin's doings.


In the below-cited video, Christoforou and his The Duran colleague — Alexander Mercouris — discussed the societal fabric-rending character of the US Deep State's uninterrupted stream of untruths.


The most recent splash of such having prompted the pair's discussion of news that the 2020 Biden campaign had crafted  a letter — reportedly signed by 51 former US intelligence employees — which falsely stated that the suspected criminality revealed on Hunter Biden's (then repair shop located) laptop computer was Russia-sourced disinformation.


This successful attempt to divert the public away from recognizing the Biden family's questionable business and influence-dealing was concocted to keep Hunter's father — now president, Joe Biden — from losing the 2020 presidential election to every (allegedly) correctly thinking person's favorite bogeyman, Donald Trump.


In the below cited video, Alex Christoforou sums the harms that continual Government lying does to any human society.


He distills these US happenings down to their most basic elements. As those would be viewed by sane people, who live — fortunately or not — outside our maliciously idiotic Corporatocracy-run shores:



The Duran, Ex-CIA Mike Morell reveals, Blinken behind 'Intel officials Russia disinfo' letter, YouTube (21 April 2023) (beginning at 11:05 minutes)



Quoting from the above-cited video


For instance, regarding the fabricated 'Russiagate' fairy tale about Trump's alleged puppetization by Moscow — Christoforou pointed out that:



Look at where this has brought us.


(video at 12:30 minutes)



Clearly meaning to the verge of World War 3.


That threatening possibility being exclusively due to these American neocons' lies-based demonization of Russia.



Geographically more broadly


Apparently referring to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and so on (and on) — Christoforou added that:



Millions of people have died because of these ridiculous intrigues.


When at the end of the day, all of these intrigues are just about holding onto power.


(video at 12:35)



Alexander Mercouris tossed in the following pointed emphasis:



If we had not had Russiagate, we would not have had the war that we have in Ukraine now.


It is as simple as that.


(video at 12:53)



The Duran pair also made an important point about . . .


. . . societal decency and how we Americans have departed from it.


Here excerpted — my context-explaining additions in bracketed italics:






It [— meaning constant lying in the name of demonizing other nations for purposes of US domestic power-holding —] never used to happen before.


It totally prevented Trump from having any dialog with Putin.


(video at 12:50)






Can we not say that the whole balloon incident that happened a month or two ago prevented having any dialog with China?


I think it did.


I think that ridiculous incident about some stupid balloon traveling over the United States actually prevented any type of dialog with China.


And now look where we're heading [contextually meaning toward full scale war].






There's been no contact between China and the US at all.


The Chinese are furious, infuriated about it.


They saw all those comments that Biden made in the Congress.


And they're not picking up the telephone, when the Americans try to call because they've now had it up to there with the Americans.


And, you know, their patience is shorter, frankly, than the Russians' is, because they're stronger.


Using great countries, big countries, powerful countries as tools for your political conflicts is just a crazy thing to do.


That kind of thing just didn't happen in American politics in those days [referring to the 1960s].


People weren't on the hunt always to fabricate, to invent connections with outside powers which they knew never existed.


This is something very new that's come into American politics.


And it's a very dangerous thing. It's an appalling thing to do.






Yeah, such children. They really are.


You read about all their little schemes and these Steele dossier [see here] and 50 intel agents, Blinken approaching the CIA director.


These are children. These really are children with way too much power.


I just don't know who's going to sit these children down and just be rid of them — or discipline them.


I'm just trying to figure out how do you get out of this mess.


Because it's a complete mess, and it is tearing apart the United States.






Since you brought that up, which do you consider more serious:


Blinken going along talking to Morel and then organizing a letter by 50 intelligence agency ex-officials telling something which is completely untrue — so that the future President can hide [from reasonably grounded allegations about his son Hunter's alleged misdeeds] in debates with his opponent, during an election,




a payoff by a sleazy lawyer to two women, who claim, probably falsely, they slept with another candidate?


One has resulted in charges, the other hasn't.






Other countries don't act like this.


Is this the [American] democracy that they're always lecturing the rest of the world about?


I can't think of a country that acts like this. That does these types of things.






No, I can't think of one.


Politics in Britain, even in their current deeply decayed and corrupt state, have not sunk to this level.


But in the United States, they have.


And that is something that Americans need to be very, very concerned about.



The moral? — Drunk-but-sane monkeys . . .


. . . could do a better job of leading the United States.


When we all turn to radioactive shit, so to speak — do know who to blame.