Totalitarian-minded congressional Democrats — are trying to hide Robert F Kennedy Jr's anti-Establishment statements from the world

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22 July 2023



My thanks to Dr. Chris Martenson . . .


. . . at Peak Prosperity — for cluing us in to the totalitarian trend, regarding suppressing Free Speech—as displayed in the Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives.


Martenson's below video embeds some of C-Span's coverage of the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government's attempt to hide Robert F. Kennedy Jr's testimony from the American public:



Peak Prosperity, It's All Over! (Democracy That Is), YouTube (22 July 2023)



The entire C-Span video . . .


. . . is here — part 1, partially embedded in Peak Prosperity's above link — and here, part 2.



Martenson's point-making extractions . . .


. . . show every Democrat on the subcommittee voting to sequester (from public view) Robert F. Kennedy's testimony about censorship.


This to be accomplished by procedurally moving his subcommittee testimony from public to private 'executive' session.



See, for instance


Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida) making her speech-suppressing motion at the video's 01:35 mark.



Wasserman Schultz's putrid demeanor does a grand job of putting her Satanic minionship on display.


No friend of Liberty, she.



Democrats' flawed reasoning . . .


. . . arrives at the video's 08:30 and 10:30 minute marks.


Representative (California) Linda Sánchez's — Constitution-burning — justification for burying Kennedy's testimony goes like this:



No right given to the people of the United States is absolute.


And that includes the right to free speech.


We are simply trying to create factually correct information to prevent harm to people.



Notice the Constitutional errors in Sánchez's rationale


Contrary to Sánchez, rights are — according to this nation's Founders — natural.



Meaning, in most interpretations — granted by right of having been born, or according to God.



Consequently, legally speaking — according to the Constitution — and at least up to now, the US Supreme Court —one would need a very darn good reason to abridge the right to free speech.


Easily arguably — given the breadth and depth of human ignorance, as perennially displayed throughout History — it would be impossible to demonstrate that any person, or any group, has an accurate grasp of what is true and not.



Therefore, what pool of 'gods' would Democrats — or anyone else — rely on to tell us what is correct and not?



I find it typifyingly ironic that these same Democrats use this nation's demonstrated-to-have-been-wrong approaches to COVID-19 and mRNA vaccinations as sound justifications for continuing to censor skeptical speech.


Their curious blindness to fact (and probable facts) demonstrates just how stupid, or malignantly minded, these people are.



The moral? — "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"


Our complacently mindless nation consistently puts its worst — most cowardly and power-grabbing — people in charge.


We are, thus, captured in a race to the metaphorical banana trough's bottom.


Ergo, Liberty lovers' Hell-entering despair.


1792's France had a debatably appropriate, guillotine-based, cure for this state of lost mind and heart.


From the morally perplexing use of guillotines (to suppress totalitarian speech and actions) we see that speech itself is not the problem.


The actual problem has two parts:



Forced speech and eliminated speech.



The evil commonality that binds these two together is the excessive power of the people and institutions doing the mind-enslavement.


When Liberty's upholding institutions break down or become resolutely impervious to being changed — as ours have and are — guillotines become a not unreasonable guiding metaphor to reinstituting lost Liberty.


This is why I mentioned civil war, just yesterday, with reference to Attorney General Merrick Garland's intentional perversion of the Department of Justice into becoming a Stasi equivalent.


Wake up to what's going on.