Repulsively spineless Merrick Garland — has transformed the Department of Justice into the US version of a pseudo-Stasi

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21 July 2023



If Americans were not so squishily sheep-passive . . .


. . . a second Civil War would be looming:



A target letter sent to Donald Trump suggests that a sprawling Justice Department investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election is zeroing in on him after more than a year of interviews with top aides to the former president and state officials from across the country.


Federal prosecutors have cast a wide net, asking witnesses in recent months about a chaotic White House meeting that included discussion of seizing voting machines and about lawyers’ involvement in plans to block the transfer of power, according to people familiar with the probe.


They’ve discussed with witnesses schemes by Trump associates to enlist slates of Republican fake electors in battleground states won by Democrat Joe Biden and interviewed state election officials who faced a pressure campaign over the election results in the days before the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.


It is unclear how much longer special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation will last, but its gravity was evident Tuesday when Trump disclosed that he had received a letter from the Justice Department advising him that he was a target of the probe.


Such letters often precede criminal charges; Trump received one ahead of his indictment last month on charges that he illegally hoarded classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.


© 2023 Eric Tucker, Trump’s target letter suggests the sprawling US probe into the 2020 election is zeroing in on him, AP (19 July 2023)



Totalitarian control is the goal


In view of the Department of Justice's previous and continuing harassment of the former president — over supposedly classified documents that other presidents have similarly (or worse) abused — it is obvious that the Department of Justice has singled Trump out for complete influence-extermination.


The Department of Justice is using its massive resources to find, exaggerate — or create from nothing — evidence of legal slip-ups, with which to incarcerate the mildly black-sheep Trump from among the supposedly free population of more obedient American fleece-bearers.



Imagine if the Department of Justice treated you, similarly


How would that be different in nature from former East Germany's population-control police, the Stasi?


Since when does an American national election mean that all government institutions will subsequently aim themselves at eliminating the winning party's political adversaries?



In sum


In facilitating these extraordinary perversions of a workable democracy, Attorney General Merrick Garland has demonstrated himself to be one of the most reprehensibly spineless and Constitution-bashing US government officials ever to have lived.


He is the very definition of a thoroughly integrity-lacking — legal ethics-defying — anaerobic worm.


And the Biden administration, which pulls Garland's unresisting puppet strings, has — astonishingly, given previous administrations' frequent evils — done core American interests (domestic and foreign) existentially more damage than any of its predecessors ever did.



The moral? — Is this the United States that you . . .


. . . and your children figuratively signed up to live in?


We are watching the United States intentionally suicide itself into becoming the dictatorial antithesis of what the Founders had in mind.