Three insight-filled quotes — and a cited essay — about our down-the-rathole United States

© 2023 Peter Free


03 April 2023



Acerbically delivered . . .


. . . behavioral observations can be fun, if we are in a reality-perceiving mood.



Today, in keeping with the happy spirit of my last post . . .


. . . I present a US-referencing societal assessment from American comedian Jimmy Dore:



What’s happening is we’re run by psychopathic criminals . . . .


The whole COVID policy was corrupt. The whole vaccine rollout 100% corrupt. Everything that happens in Congress happens because of grease from the oil of corruption.


And if there isn’t corruption in there to grease the wheels, the mechanisms of government don’t run.


That’s why we can send $100 billion to Ukraine because that’s $100 billion in corruption, while we don’t send $100 billion to the United States to end homelessness.


$100 billion dollars could end homelessness three times in the United States, and they won’t send it to our own country because there’s nobody there to make a profit off it …


But there's lots of people, who already have their grips on our government, our legislators who make big profit off of war.


So, we have an endless death economy, and that’s all we can do.


© 2023 Joseph Mercola, How Jimmy Dore Broke Out of the Propaganda Matrix, (03 April 2023) (quote begins at 16:05 in embedded video of Mercola's interview with Dore)



A similarly accurate observation comes from . . .


. . . writer Tony Cox — my explanatory addition contained in bracketed italics:



America has become like the victimhood Olympics, where millions of people in need of attention and sympathy compete to show which protectorate is most afflicted. . . . claiming just one source of victimhood isn’t enough for many people.


Our sick society rewards those who flock to the protection of their victim groups, providing them dopamine hits on social media, favoritism in hiring and college admissions, and special callouts from government officials touting how brave and mistreated they are.


President Joe Biden went so far on Friday, in the wake of the Nashville massacre, as to say that transgender people [— the applicable gender identification of the murderer —] “shape our nation’s soul.”


Those who don’t confess to needing such shelter from the haters – such as a black woman who works as a conservative commentator and a gay Asian journalist who exposes far-left political violence – are essentially excommunicated as members of their minority groups and condemned as far-right bigots.


The problem is, in the victimhood Olympics, there’s always pressure to set the bar higher. It’s like an arms race of grievances.


Whereas it might have been good enough before to claim the haters were cheating your group out of career opportunities or stopping you from getting married, today’s victims are told that their enemies want them dead and won’t stop until they’re wiped from the face of the earth.


© 2023 Tony Cox, Nashville school shooting: A violent new phase of America’s victimhood culture is only going to get uglier, RT (02 April 2023)



In fairness to self-alleged victims, it is understandable that people who legitimately (or not) do feel afflicted, would take advantage of evolving societal opportunities to advance their arguments for better treatment.


On the other hand, once might reasonably counter that American society has become such a propagandized Circus of Distractions, that more foundational societal problems are ignored.



Noteworthy, also


Even allies are sick of the messes that we Americans brew.


For example, Republic of Türkiye's President Erdogan:



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that from now on, his “doors are closed” to the US ambassador to Ankara, Jeffry Flake, blasting the diplomat’s recent meeting with his rival in the upcoming presidential election.


“Our doors are closed for him, he can no longer come in. Why? He needs to know his place,” Erdogan said.


“Shame on you, think with your head. You are an ambassador. Your interlocutor here is the president.”


© 2023 RT, Erdogan tells US ambassador to ‘know his place’, (03 April 2023)



Pertinent to Erdogan's statement, one might recall that the United States blew up ally Germany's cheap gas Nord Stream pipelines (late last year). Just for spite and the United States' economic gain.


And now, America's Adam Henry-ness is similarly trying to undermine the Turkish president — as well as his nation's marginal independence from the American Empire's constant meddling.



The moral? — Will we enjoy History's goodbye swirl?


It is our own 'turdish' behavior that keeps bumping into us, during this self-created plunge into Imperial Disintegration's sewer.


In summarizing regard — see former Indian diplomat:



M. K. Bhadrakumar, 'Russia alone can already confront the entire West . . .", (30 March 2023)



There is a pleasing irony to the notion of a constantly death-generating orifice being shrunken in influence by the energetically bubbling toilet that its own — perennially nihilistic — actions manufactured.


A wiser leadership culture would have recognized the boomeranging nature of abandoned decency and restraint.


Foresight, however (quite notably) is not an American societal trait. Avarice, paranoia, fear and propagandized malice extinguish it. Arguably always and everywhere.