This is going to be fun — let's blow each other up?

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31 March 2023



In accord with . . .


. . . US and its geopolitical vassals' conduct, a great kill fest is coming.



Warmongers all


The US television show, 60 Minutes this week posted its propagandizing vote in favor of war with China.


Complete with a selection of American four star types 'manfully' — via tacitly delivered chest-puffing — figuratively promising to squash China into pulp.


Pertinently, a I mentioned a few days ago, sunny Australia — inferably seeking to eventually float some sun-blocking radioactive clouds over itself — opted to poke China with a very sharp stick.


This, by provocatively flaunting its flea-nation purchase of nuclear-powered submarines.


And in similar favor of blowing the planet up, Turkey's parliament unanimously voted to admit Finland into NATO. The Turkish vote brings with it, 800 miles of Finnish border with the Russian Federation.


Predictably, we Americans will (everyone knows) populate that long border with nukes. So as to assure both military industrial complex profit and world conflagration.


Two birds and back to the Stone Age. How clever.


No doubt the annihilation-embracing, Nazi-leaning Finns — metaphorically poisoned by excessively cold temperatures and eating too much caribou meat — will (we can infer from their behavior) cheer about this.


Meanwhile the Poles — historically notably more prone to loud-mouthing themselves into existential trouble than the Finns — and who actively want US nukes on their soil — are regularly assaulting Germany and Russia with threats about thises and thats.


Those demands (or assertions)  aimed at re-inflaming History's long-past, but still-infected, wounds.


Poles, we should remind ourselves, fancy themselves capable of kicking the whole world's behind. Kind'a like Americans, who — to our questionable credit — are far more capable of approaching this fight with impressively killing blasts.


Both nations — meaning Poland and the United States — are deluded by Hubris. A spiritual defect well-known to, and warned against, by ancient Greeks. However, no one in Western Modernity is keeping track of the West's suicide-destined national psychoses.


For instance, the United Kingdom promised to send depleted uranium (meaning heavy metal-radioactive) tank rounds to Ukraine. This light-hearted measure occurring, so as to keep the West's instigated war there bubbling with sardonic wellbeing.


I need not list the unending stream of other NATO and European Union anti-Russia malevolences that have accompanied this NATO-instigated war. Those have been, almost weekly, addressed in this blog.



Speaking of mental illness


American Democrats (a political party) encouraged publicity-seeking Alvin Bragg — "Manhattan’s first Black district attorney" — to indict former President Trump for a seemingly meaningless — and probably unprovable violation — of the presumed use of campaign funds for the 'copulatory silencing' of Stormy Daniels. Perhaps the actual indictment, when made public, will put more legally respectable meat on this case.


Even if it does, Democrats, we can still deduce, think that shredding the little that is left of demographic political unity in the United States is a great idea. This divisively dangerous stunt — premised upon a probably questionable legal case — sums their pea-brained, malicious intellects quite well.


Kind'a like those same Democrats absurdly claiming that the Capitol rioters had insurrection in mind. And then, prosecutorily hunting them down and obtaining ridiculously long detentions and prison sentences thereon.


And absolutely all of this being in planned accord with the Deep State's — Democratic Party-carried out — attempt to slime Trump with its proven-concocted Russiagate lies from the 2016 election.


American Republicans — unfortunately for whom Trump has become Glory's blazing light of crassly asserted stupidity — parallel-mindlessly conducted themselves in such placidly inviting ways, that Democrats' destructive ploys were certain to invent themselves.


This malevolently intended, overblown two-party nonsense continues the grandly American Dance of Grifting Fools.


Talk about a political system solely designed to parade the deadly sins.



We can fairly surmise that . . .


. . . the United States is predominantly populated by belligerent dopes, who are happily spoiling to invite Annihilation of one kind or another.


In aggressively exhibiting this life-dismembering trait, we join the whole of the collective West.



The moral? — Prepare to be radioactively singed . . .


. . . fried, boiled, fragmented or — perhaps more blessedly — vaporized.


All in all, this is akin to riding a horizon-filling tide (of empty-skulled muscular rodents) to Perdition's precipice.


Could being governed by artificial intelligence be any worse?