Mentally ill Australia?

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15 March 2023



Australia seems to be run by . . .


. . .  the same coterie of belligerent, avarice-oriented imbeciles as the United States is:



The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age just asked five warmongering China hawks what they think about war with China, wrote down their very predictable answers saying Australia must prepare for war with China within three years and then passed it off as journalism.


Obviously if you ask a bunch of China hawks if they think Australia should prepare for war with China, they’re going to say yes; that’s not news, that’s just you reporting that five random warmongers think warmongery thoughts.


Yet SMH and The Age stretched this ridiculous non-story into a multi-part series titled “Red Alert” — all without ever noting the massive conflict of interest posed by the extensive ties its “panel” of “experts” have to U.S.-aligned governments and the military industrial complex — and now it’s being covered as a real news story by the rest of Australian media.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, They Require Our Consent, Consortium News (14 March 2023)



Think about this strategically


There is little quite so absurd as comparatively pipsqueak Australia provoking a fight with China:



Under the Aukus pact Australia is to get its first nuclear-powered subs - at least three - from the US.


The allies will also work to create a new fleet using cutting-edge tech, including UK-made Rolls-Royce reactors.


Beijing has strongly criticised the significant naval deal.


Its foreign ministry on Tuesday accused the three nations of "walking further and further down the path of error and danger".


China's UN mission had earlier also accused the Western allies of setting back nuclear non-proliferation efforts.


But US President Joe Biden said the deal was aimed at bolstering peace in the region and stressed the submarines would be "nuclear-powered, not nuclear-armed".


© 2023 Kathryn Armstrong, Frances Mao and Tom Housden, Aukus deal: US, UK and Australia agree on nuclear submarine project, BBC (14 March 2023)



The only people majorly disrupting peace . . .


. . . in Asia are American neocons.


Why would Australia's power-lacking, metaphorical spittoon of 26 million Australians think that buying three submarines is going to detectably improve their tiny population's (war-provoking) odds of survival — as against the historically comparatively peaceful, commerce-oriented, manufacturing and technology colossus to their north that is comprised of roughly 1.5 billion people?


If Australians really do think that provoking China is a good idea, then the phrase — unnecessarily combative, death-wishing fool — does not come better illustrated.



The moral? — Australia is just another among the 'die-patsy' nations . . .


. . . that American neocons are out to destroy. By proxying them in service of the United States' uninterrupted war profiteering.


After witnessing the self-destructive stupidity of virtually the entirety of Europe (especially Germany), regarding their adamant support for overtly Nazi-embracing Ukraine, during that US-provoked anti-Russia Ukraine War — we might ask:



Is there no one in the former Anglo-Saxon empire, that possesses a shred of common and companionable sense?


No one who can look around and calculate, who is really doing what to whom?



People with such astonishing levels of easily manipulated unawareness arguably deserve to Darwinian Vanish from this planet's blue-green surface. No moral decency and no sense at all reside in their genes, it seems.


This be careful 'whom you poke and why' is a simple survive-and-prosper lesson that should have been learned in the school yard.


Yet, apparently, two to three generations of collective Westerners missed out on this should-be-mandatory, quasi-spiritual teaching.


Can an unwelcomely radioactive accounting now be far behind?