No arrogance like US and NATO arrogance — knuckle-dragging stupidity that defies rational comprehension

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28 April 2024



If I were beleaguered Russia and China . . .


I would start metaphorical air drops of vermin-extermination spray atop ruling elites in NATO and the United States.


In Humanity's name.


So that belligerent stupidity, mindless warmongering and supernova levels of hypocrisy would be attenuated in the human gene pool.



For instance, NATO


Below is NATO head Jens Stoltenberg raging about China, North Korea and Iran's purported assistance to Russia, made during the continuing Ukraine War.


A war that the United States and NATO started on purpose. And continues to supply with billions of dollars, billions in arms, and thousands of de facto troops. Even now, sending Ukraine's Ukro-Nazis missiles that are explicitly intended to penetrate deep into the Russian motherland.


Fresh from Jens himself:



China is propping up Russia's war economy.

Sharing high-end technology like semi-conductors and other dual-use items with Russia.


Last year, Russia imported 90 percent of its micro-electronics from China.

Used to produce missiles, tanks, and aircraft.


China is also working to provide Russia with improved satellite capabilities and imagery.


All of this helps Moscow to inflict more death and destruction on Ukraine, bolster Russia's defence industrial base, and evade the impact of sanctions and export controls.


China says it wants good relations with the West.

At the same time, Beijing continues to fuel the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War Two.


They cannot have it both ways.


Meanwhile, North Korean factories are operating at full capacity to produce munitions for Russia.


Iran is also delivering substantial support to Russia, including thousands of deadly Shahed drones.


And we are concerned by reports that Iran is also considering transferring ballistic missiles to Russia.


In the past, we made the mistake of becoming dependent on Russian oil and gas.


We must not repeat that mistake with China.

Depending on its money, its raw materials and its technologies.

Dependencies make us vulnerable.


It is essential that we stand together with our friends around the world.


Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang must not believe that they can get their way by using force.


© 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Speech by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Atlantik-Brücke event, (25 April 2024)



Stoltenberg's spiel is a classic example of psychological projection.


Blame your purported opponent for doing (a) exactly what you yourself have been doing for decades and (b) against which your supposed adversary has been attempting to defend itself.


According to the NATO's grand Norwegian twit — it is okay for the West to kill off a generation of Ukrainians in our Idiots Assault against Russia. But it is not acceptable for more morally decent people, in other places, to oppose the West's imperially motivated mass slaughter(s).



In a similarly arrogant vein — a US imperial emissary visits China


US secretary of state Blinken went to China to (essentially) chastise the Chinese for being Chinese.


This imperially intended expedition coming after insulting them first. In what probably amounted to the Greatest Murdering Hypocrisy ever committed on this planet.


In Politico's words:



Secretary of State Antony Blinken ended three days of meetings in China on Friday with a stark warning to China’s leadership — stop exporting materials that allow Russia to rebuild its industrial base or face U.S. sanctions.


Chinese state-owned firms are providing key components for Russia’s defense industrial base, including microelectronics and machine tools that have “a material effect against Ukraine” and constitute “a growing threat that Russia poses to countries in Europe,” Blinken told reporters in a press briefing in Beijing on Friday.


Blinken said that, in his meetings with China’s leader Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he made clear that the Biden administration is running out of patience with Beijing’s refusal to stop that support.


“We’re looking at the actions that we’re fully prepared to take if we don’t see a change … we’ve already imposed sanctions on more than 100 Chinese entities, export controls and we’re fully prepared to take additional measures,” Blinken said.


© 2024 Phelim Kine, Blinken tells Beijing: Stop boosting Russia or face punishments, Politico (26 April 2024)



I'm sure that went over well with the Chinese.


An arrogant twerp — from a Warmongering Land that lacks a competitively credible manufacturing base — comes over to tell the PRC not to interfere in the Ukraine War that the Warmongering Land itself started more than two years ago.



Equal cultural conceit from the American press


Politico opined that:



Beijing didn’t give an inch. U.S.-China ties risk a “return to a downward spiral” in bilateral ties because “China’s legitimate development rights have been unreasonably suppressed and our core interests are facing challenges,” Wang told Blinken ahead of their meeting Friday.


That impasse reflects the fragility of the current reduction in bilateral rancor since the Biden-Xi meeting in November.


And it suggests that the Biden administration’s months of intensive high-level diplomatic outreach to Beijing — including visits by Cabinet officials such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo — is failing to meaningfully change Beijing’s behavior.


© 2024 Phelim Kine, Blinken tells Beijing: Stop boosting Russia or face punishments, Politico (26 April 2024)



Thus, we see that China's "behavior" is the problem.


With that purportedly horrifying ungraciousness arriving in spite of the United States' oh-so-generous "diplomatic outreach".


One does have to laugh at the United States' neocon cretins.



The moral? — Arrogant Western dumbasses are going to struggle . . .


. . . when the rest of the planet recognizes them for the knuckle-dragging vermin that they are.