In the putridly decomposing morass that is declining America — there are only devils in leadership — consider Biden, Trump and RFK Jr

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31 May 2024



Notice that all 3 US presidential candidates . . .


. . . support Israel’s anti-Palestinian, Holocaust-like genocide.


Going one step further, Biden is happily instigating World War 3 by promoting US missile attacks into Russia.


While Trump has casually opined that he would bomb Moscow (over the US-provoked Ukraine War) and China (over the Taiwan matter).


Then, there is the curiously lackluster Robert F. Kennedy Jr — who probably has no chance of winning the 2024 election — but remains too noodle-spined to oppose Israel’s genocide in an honorably attention-getting and morally worthwhile way.



In sum


What a passel of slaughter-worshipping devils, these people are.



The moral? — We Americans mindlessly submit to humanity’s dregs . . .


. . . being (apparently) too ignorant, spiritless — or even stupid — to choose otherwise.


Might as well be in San Francisco, sticking needles into ourselves and defecating on the sidewalk.


What is the rest of the world to think?


Except most of Europe, of course, which is led by de-evolved specimens from the same bag of parasitic worms.