Gutless Australia — doing its best to sink beneath respect of any kind

© 2023 Peter Free


02 August 2023



What historically Anglo (non-US) nations now have in common is . . .


. . . a peculiarly internationally belligerent form of US-toadying cowardice.


Graphically stated, they all slavishly suck the United States' neocon phallus.



Consider by way of example . . .


. . . pusillanimous — yet ridiculously suicidal, China-baiting — Australia.


Here depicted by one of its most astute citizens:



Two different news stories about US-Australian relations have broken at around the same time, and together they sum up the story of US-Australian relations as a whole.


In one we learn that Australia has agreed to manufacture missiles for the United States, and in the other we learn that Washington has told Australia to go suck eggs about its concerns regarding the US persecution of Australian journalist Julian Assange.


So here is Australia signing up to become the Pentagon’s weapons supplier to the south —


on top of already functioning as a total US military/intelligence asset which is preparing to back Washington in a war with China,


and on top of being so fully prostrated before the empire that we’re not even allowed to know if American nuclear weapons are in our own country —


being publicly hand-waved away by Washington’s top diplomat for expressing concern about a historic legal case in which an Australian citizen is being persecuted by the world’s most powerful government for being a good journalist.


Australia is not a real country. It’s a US military base with marsupials.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Australia Agrees to Build US Missiles; US Dismisses Australian Concerns about Assange, (30 July 2023)



Canada and the United Kingdom splendidly fall into the same category of pride-lacking suckitude.



In fairness . . .


Outdoing them all is non-Anglo Germany.


It quiver-grovels, face-down, while vigorously licking the feet of the same United States that defueled its economy by blowing up the German-Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines.


One does not have to be a prideful Wehrmacht ghost to wonder what previously hidden squish-worms these modern Germans came from.



The moral? — Western civilization lost its respectworthy reasons for existence some time ago


Now, we're just waiting for Russia, China and most of the rest of the world to nudge our repugnantly belligerent, morally cowardly selves under History's not-tearfully briny waves.