In the United States — political power is based on having been chaos-promotingly wrong about absolutely everything

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28 July 2023



Can you think of a better path to national self-destruction?


Y'all recognize that the Ukraine war that we Americans provoked (on purpose) is now lost on all fronts.


Yet, this war's chief architect — Victoria Nuland — who is competing with Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton for the title of History's most explicitly voracious baby-child-human-killer — has been promoted to acting deputy Secretary of State.


Where she will join her Big Lie boss, Antony Blinken, in leading Dead-Brain Biden's America into likely nuclear fire.


Proud, she must be.


It is she, who orchestrated the Nazi-promoting Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014. And she has been active, ever since, in fueling the anti-Russia carnage that has seen roughly 300,000 to 350,000 Ukraine soldiers futilely perish in the proxy war that she and her fellow US neocons started on purpose.


Blood Queen, indeed.



Then, there's the diversity-in-action Joint Chiefs hire . . .


. . . General Charles Q. Brown Jr.


Who reportedly lusts to start a war with China on behalf of the American military industrial complex.


Demonstrating again, that American diversity promotion depends upon one's ability to out-do widely alleged White Evil for its own sake.


General Brown, evidently, has also calculated that his politically birthed new importance will protect him from the Coming Radiation's speedy death particles and 'rays'. In holy communion with other richly fat cats.


While, of course, the rest of us humbler 'protoplasms' mostly all die.


This being so, in apparently happy accord with the neocon-globalist-WEF's human-elimination and enslavement schedule.



Do contemplate what all this means — strategically speaking


Russia is stronger, due to neocons' botched Ukraine war and anti-Russia economic sanctions.


And China, seeing America's (one-by-one offing) imperial intent, has allied with Russia.


Meaning that the world's most powerful manufacturing economy is now joined to the world's splendidly resource-blessed Russian Federation, as well as to Russia's world-leading, land-based military.


And, in addition to that not-so-great strategic outcome, the United States' avariciously demonic behavior is expanding BRICS membership in Sanity's energetic counter-reaction.


All told, in cumulative totality, virtually 80 percent of the planet's population has (explicitly or tacitly) chosen to support the Russia-China-led East. As against the self-evidently rot and maggot-infested United States.



Would a sensible strategist . . .


. . . anywhere, claim that this entirely foreseeable package of outcomes constitutes a geopolitical success on our (allegedly indispensable) American part?



The moral? — In the United States, the moral and political equivalent . . .


. . . of baby-murder and shooting ourselves in the National Head passes as celebrated success.


Societally, we flaunt psychotically murderous degeneracy at every imaginable level. All so as to enrich our parasitic Elites.


More than a pity, given the arguably saner hopes with which this nation was founded.