Good summary of the United States' murder-in-progress of Julian Assange — Connor O'Keeffe

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22 February 2024



Mouth-foaming American propaganda tries to conceal what is really going on


For instance, during a period in which the United States is:



uncontrovertibly losing the Ukraine proxy war that it started with Russia


enthusiastically arming and financing Israel's quasi-genocide of tens of thousands of Palestinians


while also


having opened American borders to literally millions and millions of illegal mirgrants


(presumably so as to dilute American culture into a morass of competing disloyalties, so as to benefit the World Economic Forum's plan for the future)




deliberately having abandoned an American citizen to death at Nazi Ukraine's free-speech-squashing hands




being impotently unable to suppress a band of determined Houthis in interrupting sea trade to genocide-sponsoring Israel,


nevertheless is


still diligently trying to provoke new wars with China and Iran


while simultaneously


being mildly embarrassed that a Tucker Carlson interview with Russia's president (Vladimir Putin) made Putin look far more capable than any of our US leaders . . .



. . . the Western Oligarchical Establishment has decided to (divertingly) propagandize Alexei Navalny's death in Russian prison.



A feat that was — if the death was not a natural one — most probably actually accomplished by Western intelligence.


Via bribes of Russian criminal elements inside the prison.


This media-reversing logic being (arguably soundly) predicated upon the alleged murder's complete lack of value to Russian president Putin.



After all, why would Putin kill someone at the worst possible 'optics' time, when he already had the politically ineffectual troublemaker locked up?



Western media and intelligence agencies expect . . .


. . . We the People to be incapable of insightfully applied reason.


Which sadly, under most circumstances, we seem to be.



Notice the exact timing


The propagandized Navalny furor is taking place, while American media simultaneously ignore the United States' essentially identical treatment of our own (vassal state-imprisoned) political prisoner, journalist Julian Assange.



Of this travesty of law and human decency


Connor O'Keeffe observed that:



There are so many absurd and outrageous aspects of what the US government has done, is doing, and aims to do to Julian Assange.


Chief among them is the fact that everything federal prosecutors want to charge him with under the Espionage Act is composed of entirely legal, and common, components of journalism.


The fact that journalists often seek out, obtain, and publish classified material is the reason the US government has been reluctant to prosecute the Wikileaks founder.


If Assange’s journalism is a crime, so is much of the journalism at the New York Times, the Associated Press, and every other major outlet in the country.


Bizarrely, the lead US prosecutor in the case has tried to dodge that inconvenient fact by suggesting Assange is not entitled to First Amendment rights because he is Australian.


But remember, they are charging him with violations of the Espionage Act, a US law.


So, in other words, US prosecutors believe that a foreign journalist operating outside of the United States must abide by US law, but that at the same time, the US government is not constrained by its own laws because that journalist is a foreigner operating outside of the United States.


The reason Assange has been in various forms of custody for almost twelve years is not because he committed any real crimes but because he has embarrassed the political establishment.


© 2024 Connor O'Keefe, The Outrageous Persecution of Julian Assange, Mises Wire (21 February 2024)



In short


American authorities pay no attention to the legal and Constitutional constraints of the system that they purportedly uphold. Because not one of those authorities cares about maintaining a free and informed society.



The moral? — The American Establishment works exclusively . . .


. . . to preserve its totalitarian-quality power and looted wealth. Nothing else matters to it.


Therefore, from a societal perspective, our American practice of propagandizing foreign nations as representing threats to the United States is a laughable exercise.


The most deadly axe to American liberty and justice is our own behavior.