Americans' sheepy stupidity reigns, regarding China — happily occasionally punctuated — by a few lone wolves' still-functioning brains

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19 April 2023



Lo, a surprise tulip popped up


That fresh air event began this way — in the online blog entitled, The Truth about Cars:



Ford Motor Co. has confirmed that the next-generation Nautilus will indeed be imported from China so that the Canadian facility currently responsible for U.S. volume can be transitioned into an electric-vehicle plant.


But there are risks involved. Tensions between China and the U.S. have been rising and Americans, beleaguered by a weakening economy, may not look favorably on a product they would have preferred to see produced locally.


© 2023 Matt Posky, Do You Actually Care about Chinese Imports?, (18 April 2023)



Predictably . . .


. . . given that this is the United States, home of 'exceptional' people — a number of comments under the posted article looked like TheEndlessEnigma's:



Stick a fork in Lincoln, it's done.


ChiComm made vehicles, a hard no.



Or Lou_BC's:



Keep that sh!t out of North America.


I try to avoid Chinese products.


They meddled in the Canadian election and keep the spawn of Castro in power, so yeah, no Chinese goods . . .



With Chris P Bacon's equally stout affirmation that:



There will be no Communist Chinese cars in my garage.



With whom, Bfisch81 — whose avatar is an elderly Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth pentastar emblem — agreed:



I won't buy a car made in China.


It's one thing to outsource low-skill, low-margin products to China and other markets, it's another to export union, living-wage jobs.



To whose statement — our surprise tulip popped up


Sun-sprouted by the apparently observant critical thinker, VoGhost:



Isn't your symbol a Stellantis trademark?


You know, Stellantis - the Dutch, Italian, British auto conglomerate.


Anyhow, back to your lecture on the evils of imported vehicles . . .



VoGhost's truth being thematically topped by . . .


. . . the astute poster, BELA — whose historically and economically accurate summary of what happened (and why) reads this way:



People sitting on furniture made in China, wearing clothing made in China, eating food that's processed in China, using devices that were made in China to complain about a car that's made in China.


That ship has sailed - but don't blame China.


Blame the sell-out Corporations and Billionaires who sent all that manufacturing overseas - exporting US Dollars & wealth and importing poverty and unemployment - all while spending pocket change on Congresspersons & Governors who tell you to be afraid of books and drag queens to distract you from what they've been doing for decades.



The moral? — Most Americans are easily manipulated mush-heads


And many compete with runny stool for lack-of-smarts.


But, thank God, a tiny proportion are not and do not.


Perhaps this proportionately very tiny crew — of sapiens-bearing real humans — will save some of the rest of us from our mentally imprisoned selves.


Let us, thus, be herded toward Perdition with (at least) sprinkles of hope still in our hearts. Amen.


That said — and paraphrasing my Christian brother — Humanity is a problem that cannot be fixed.


Nevertheless, seeing unexpected tulips bloom is a thanks-inducing thing.