Mind controlled stooge-bugs, we are — Caitlin Johnstone's observations about dystopia

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18 April 2023



Nuclear war might be an improvement?


Of the collective (US-led) West, Caitlin Johnstone wrote that:



The goal is to keep us fighting with as much hostility as possible over issues which inconvenience our rulers as little as possible. It’s really amazing how successful they are at this.


The other day I saw a video of a guy angrily running over a case of Budweiser with a monster truck for reasons that made no sense to me, and everyone was excitedly yelling their opinions about it, and I was just like, oh my god we are so fucked. They’ve got us totally wrapped up.


Seriously, think about it: what could the rulers of western society possibly extract from us that they’re not already getting?


There’s no meaningful political opposition, no antiwar movement, no anti-capitalist movement, very little critical thought — they’ve got total control.


Everything we do in this dystopia is designed to funnel profit into the coffers of the oligarchs and power into the hands of the imperialists, and all efforts to resist and change these funneling systems have been successfully quashed by mass-scale psychological manipulation.


This totalitarian dystopia looks like freedom because they let us more or less do what we want, while controlling what it is that we want to do using mass-scale manipulation.


They further bolster this by creating systems where what we do has little or no meaningful effect.


Even if we had actual software in our brains that gave our rulers total and complete control over our minds, they’d have the masses think and behave in more or less the same way they do right now.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, The Totalitarian Dystopia Is Already Here, caitlinjohnstone.com (17 April 2023)



What is emblematically funny in all this is that . . .


. . . being American, I can easily envision monster trucks squashing piles of Bud cans.


Such spectacles represent exactly the kind of misdirected chick-peep rebellions that we Americans are solely capable of.



History's sewage treatment plant beckons


Publics in the collective West are mentally lazy. And almost always aggressively ignorant and uninsightful.


The fact that virtually the entirety of the West is aggressively supporting Nazi-led Ukraine in its NATO-inspired war with Russia is indicative.


Virtually no one here recognizes that this unnuanced reversal of the West's World War 2 allegiances, speaks volumes about our present-day moral and political cluelessness.





Our supposedly sentient design requires a major weeding and tinkering.


For instance, China's productive — allegedly human anthill — society looks hopefully charming, when compared to our own bubbling stink of unrepentant serial idiocies.



The moral? — Nuclear war would be good?


Flying nukes would mass cull herds of mind-defying (figurative) sheep. With perhaps, a radioactively induced favorable gene selection (or two) down Evolution's road.


What could be better?


Should we join America's warmongering neocons in inadvertently bringing an end to our (belligerently riddled with rot) Western civilization's now-perennial brainlessness?



Epitaphically speaking, a suicidally invited Armageddon of this kind flaunts metaphorically fitting panache.


We might even deduce that — unheard and unseen in the cosmic background — History's occasionally karmic poetry beckons the West's self-invited obliteration.


We might even (insightfully!) deduce that we turned out to be the monster truck-squashed Bud cans.



Giggle all the way to perdition, my friends.