Zionists continue coopting the Holocaust to justify the mass slaughter of innocents — and now they're whining about a pretended rise of anti-Jewish hate

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19 November 2023



Can one be more morally contemptible than Israel's Zionists . . .


. . . and their American political lobby?



Watching college football in the United States yesterday


I noticed an advertisement decrying a purported 388 percent rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes.


As is usual with this kind of Israel-sponsored propaganda, the advertisement suggested that Jewish people everywhere are being assaulted by the beginnings of a new Holocaust.


This being supposedly so — when in fact — what is happening is opposition to Israel's vile manifestation of the reincarnated heart of German Nazism.


A pejorative phrase that describes expansion-minded Israel's leadership and apparently much of its population, as both persist in quasi-genociding Palestinians in appalling numbers.



From Zionists' perversion of History and logic . . .


. . .  we can conclude that they want us to conflate being Jewish with being mass-slaughtering Zionists.


Once non-Israelis make that glaring mistake — in properly identifying who is who — Zionists can pretend that the Holocaust legitimately still applies to them.


And thus, all the rest of us should make uncomplaining way for whatever blood-spilling depredations Israel aims at Gaza's babies, women and children.



This manipulative twisting of history, race, culture and current facts . . .


. . . is exactly what I objected to, when Israel's United Nations' delegation began wearing yellow stars of the kind that Nazi Germany once pinned on Jewish people:



The 6 million Jewish people, who died in Germany's Nazi Holocaust, were helpless victims of colossal horror.


Today's Israel is not.


Indeed, 2023's reasonably powerful Israel dispenses quasi-genocidal murder, throughout its Zionist grasp.


That expansionist-apartheid Israel is equating its oppressively aggressive nature with the Holocaust's powerless, innocent victims is morally revolting.



The same preposterous reversal of facts and, therefore, morality . . .


. . . is true of the television advertisements that I saw yesterday.


Those were based — given the 388 percent increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes that they cited — on the following recent statement from the Anti-Defamation League:



Anti-Defamation League Director and CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said on Sunday that there has been a 388 percent increase in antisemitism in America since Hamas’ Oct. 7 surprise attack in Israel that killed more than 1,400.


“We’ve seen a wave of this all over the country,” Greenblatt told Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” citing as examples incidents at Harvard and Cornell.


Just a couple days prior, anti-Israel messages were spray painted on sidewalks across campus.


Meanwhile, a Cornell professor also recently drew backlash for describing the Hamas attacks as “exhilarating” and “energizing.” He has since apologized and is now on a leave of absence.


Politicians are increasingly ramping up efforts to tackle antisemitism on campuses across the country as the schools face a potential loss of key donors.


The Biden administration is rolling out new actions to fight antisemitism on campuses, including a partnership between the departments of Justice and Homeland Security and campus law enforcement to monitor hate-related discourse online.


© 2023 Andrew Howard, Anti-Defamation League director: 388 percent increase in antisemitism, Politico (05 November 2023)



For a persuasive rebuttal to the ADL's distorted claims





Alan MacLeod, ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up, MintPress News (10 November 2023)



If you object to MintPress's annoying white text (on a black background) — the same article is below— published in more conventional black text:



Alan MacLeod, ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up, Orinoco Tribune (13 November 2023)



Notice too, Politico's critically important errors of fact and logic


"Anti-Israel messages" are not, by definition, anti-Jewish.


They are anti-Israel.


Israel is not Judaism — no matter how hard Zionists (essentially an imperial movement) try to pretend that they are the same thing as the entirety of a supposed race, religion and culture — that spanned (and still spans) much of the planet.


Second, Arabs are also Semites.


Thus, the consistently propagandized use the word 'anti-Semitic' to describe people who hate Jewish folks is another example of the Zionist Lobby's intentionally misleading equation of:



(a) Jewish heritage




(b) Zionism


and with


(c) Zionism's deliberate rejection of Arabs' humanity —


all of this occurring, so as to


(d) take advantage of the Holocaust's horror to justify Zionists' imperially intended slaughter.



Third, "the Biden administration is rolling out new actions to fight antisemitism" demonstrates (again) the death grip that money-wielding Zionists and Zionism have on American politics and culture.


In short, Zionist-sponsored propaganda is being used to justify further crushing American free speech and independent thought.


We Americans have allowed ourselves to become the rabidly provisioning lapdogs of that genocidally inclined nation.


Talk about reversing the Holocaust's only conceivable lesson.



The moral? — Expansionist Zionism is a grossly immoral thing


Its ethical terribleness requires Zionists to hide their plotting and their mass murders — under consistently facts-rejecting, propaganda-borne mind control.