Israel's UN representatives dishonor the Holocaust's victims — with their ludicrously undeserved parading of Nazi Germany's tragic yellow stars

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01 November 2023



Murder-prone pretenders


Rabid Zionists will do anything to propagandistically whine about the on-ground consequences of their imperial, death-dealing actions:



Wearing a yellow Star of David with the words “Never Again,” Israel ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan delivers a fiery speech to the United Nations Security Council against Hamas's “final solution” for the Jews.


“Hamas is not seeking a “solution” to the conflict. They are not interested in dialogue. The only solution Hamas is interested in is the Final Solution – the annihilation of the Jewish people,” he told the UNSC on Monday afternoon during a special meeting on the Gaza war.


The star both he and his delegation wore on their chest was designed to visually link the terror group’s killing of 1,400 Jews, including entire families, in Southern Israel on October 7 with Nazi Germany in World War II. The Nazis forced European Jews to wear a yellow star and gassed them to death, before burning their bodies.


© 2023 Gadi Zaig, Zvika Klein and Tovah Lazaroff, Erdan blasts Hamas final solution wearing yellow star at UNSC, Jerusalem Post (31 October 2023)



I would remind these propagandizing Israelis . . .


. . . that the 6 million Jewish people, who died in Germany's Nazi Holocaust, were helpless victims of colossal horror.


Today's Israel is not.


Indeed, 2023's reasonably powerful Israel dispenses quasi-genocidal murder, throughout its Zionist grasp.


That expansionist-apartheid Israel is equating its oppressively aggressive nature with the Holocaust's powerless, innocent victims is morally revolting.



Whiny propaganda ploys, like these . . .


. . . are characteristic of expansion-trending Zionists.


'Jerk a tear for Zion's chosen people, who incidentally are better than you' — is their predatory motto.


It never occurs to expansion-favoring Israelis, that they daily sow the hatred that now attacks them.


In contrast, did the blameless victims of Holocaust actively plant the executing darkness that killed and tortured them?


Of course not.



The moral? — Boomerang thrown?


This yellow star-wearing propaganda ploy merely highlights the Israeli government's reincarnated Nazi-core hypocrisy.


Contempt is deserved.