When even California implies that some people are brainless, anti-Constitutional, left-wing dipshits — they probably are

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02 January 2024



The Golden Pot of Left-Bending Light . . .


. . . (California) accurately — if only implicitly — called two peer kettles of fecal effluent, soot-blinded.



In sum


Just after the Colorado Supreme Court — and Maine's secretary of state, Shenna Bellows — banned Donald Trump from the respective states' primary election ballots — for being, in their not-so-humble opinions, an insurrectionist — California's own secretary of state, Shirley Weber, (legally correctly) decided that acting on Trump's purely alleged guilt was not her call to make.



Thus, metaphorically . . .


We have two Trotsky-like usurpers — Maine and Colorado — being contradicted by the Chief of American Bolshevism, California.



We can hypothesize . . .


. . . that there is such a thing as going too far, even in American Commie-Corporatist Land.


A mixed metaphor, I know.



The moral? — Can civil war be far behind?


Another looming US-instigated blood bath.


But this time, to take place over a matter of genuine societal principle.


How novel.