With Colorado's highest court snorting metaphorical anti-Trump hallucinogens — we will find out whether the US Supreme Court— rediscovers its Constitution-protecting gumption

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22 December 2023



Colorado's high court went off legality's rails . . .


. . .  in a blazing fire of totalitarian-embracing, anti-Trump, anti-Constitutional idiocy.


The Colorado decision — which finds Donald Trump disqualified from running in Colorado's 2024 primary (for presidential candidates) — due to his purported 06 January 2021 'insurrection' against the United States — is disingenuously presented and reasoned.


Good-faithed legal minds cannot help but notice just how cavalierly this Colorado crew of nation-destroyers found Trump guilty of an 'insurrection' in the complete absence of a criminal trial.


The Colorado opinion is the equivalent of an autocratcy's show trial. Deliberately crafted to read well — especially to those unfamiliar with Constitution-related issues of this massive magnitude — while intentionally subverting the most critical points of law that the Colorado decision pretends to tie itself to.


Dissenting Chief Justice Boatright — and his two equally irritated colleagues — did stalwart jobs of indicating how destructive the majority had been in its intentional sabotage of American legal practice.



The moral? — If the United States Supreme Court fails to smash . . .


. . . Colorado's attempt to shred the US Constitution — as well as the legal protections that it grants citizens against Government harassment and concocted charges — 1776 to 1789 America's efforts at creating a workable republic, will have been completely lost.


I am sadly amazed at how mindlessly we have come to such a decisively malignant point in American history.