Vivek Ramaswamy is not a dope — that probably makes him unelectable

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04 January 2024



In my distant youth . . .


. . . a quick-witted, intelligent and straight-to-the-point candidate — like Vivek Ramaswamy — would have been respected. Even when one disagreed with him.


Today, in a nation of predominantly mind-squished sheep, this is not so.


Genuinely intelligent spark and accuracy are reviled.


Truth is held in contempt.



Instead . . .


We see a dementia-displaying president — who can barely walk without toppling, doesn't know where he is, and who cannot string ten words together in a coherent fashion — holding idiotically warmongering and (consequently) America-weakening power.


Opposed to Biden is another popular candidate — former president Donald Trump — who specializes in crafting memorable phrases that lack substance, but appeal to the mentally and emotionally hostile reservoirs — of psychically primitive passions — within in us.


Don't look to Trump to build anything wholesome.


He possesses — as has already been decisively demonstrated — neither the wit, nor the diligently competent follow-through.





Vivek Ramaswamy has to bat down exceedingly obvious fleas — like the one he de-guts in the below example — just because one cannot get away from them, in the Cesspool of Nitwitism that the United States has become.


See Chris Carapezza's video-embedded tweet of Ramaswamy in admirable action:



WAPO reporter doubles down: You didn’t say that you condemn white supremacy though.


She immediately regrets it.



The only other presidential candidate with the intellectual horsepower . . .


. . . to do the same thing — with the same concisely delivered explanatory power — is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


And Kennedy, too, is being shoved to the off-ballot periphery by the American Establishment.


Sadly, with virtually full approval from the complacently nose-ringed American population of competing, and easily Establishment-manipulated, Tower of Babel mobs.



The moral? — In the United States . . .


. . . it is (fascist) corporatist-controlled Circuses for Dumbasses, all the time.


God help us.


We certainly cannot help ourselves.