In summary, Western Civilization is gone — Alastair Crooke speaking to Andrew Napolitano

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03 January 2023



Addressing the suicidally motivated decline of Western Civilization . . .


Alastair Crooke said — speaking to Andrew Napolitano — and based upon Crooke's study of previously vanished civilizations:



The values that we had are gone.


The sense of purpose, the sense of — if you like — of some sort of integrity and moral keeping has slipped away.


So, we are on a path of decline . . . .


We'll fail to recover the loss.


© 2023 Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom, Alastair Crooke: America’s Fatal Hunger for Honor and Glory, YouTube (02 January 2024) (at 3:14 minutes)



I agree


As Paul Craig Roberts has repeatedly emphasized, the United States has become a Tower of Babel.


Mindlessly combative babble, in my words.



Ours is a nation that cannot agree . . .


. . . to pull its own murderously inclined head out of its own ass.


The Founders' arguably societally purpose-driven values have completely vanished.


They were stomped to death by a population of unthinking, undisciplined, complacent and now — unsurvivably diverse — dopes.


A population leavened with a minority of air-headed fools of one or two stripes might have worked in a republican style democracy.


A substantial majority of vacuity-addicted dumbasses of too many flavors to count, no way.


Freedom does not survive on the majoritarian trotters of foolishly fighting, deliberately divided, mind-duped sheep.



The moral? — It's over


Now, we're just waiting to see in what self-suiciding fashion History dismembers us into an unrecognizable mess of Failed Everythings.


In the medium term, I expect most of us to achieve survival-scrabbling third world status. Rich elites will be feeding on our carcasses, according to these Fat Cat corporatists' plan.


Too bad that the overwhelming majority of us were to lazy and too easily distracted to protect our mentally lame selves from those demons' crippling bites.


So goes it in Satan Land.


Do you see what Alastair Crooke meant, regarding the importance of a:



sense of purpose




some sort of integrity and moral keeping?





"A republic, if you can keep it."