Should the Ukro-Nazi-supporting US Senate — be sent to fight in Ukraine?

© 2024 Peter Free


13 February 2024



My hope for a slight return of function to the US Senate . . .


. . . was immediately broken and stomped on.


That body of blood-thirsty dopes stripped out the bill in question's previous border protection (propaganda) component — and then enthusiastically passed what I called, the Happy Warmongers Bill:



The Democratic-led U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a long-sought $95.34 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, although it faced an uncertain path ahead in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.


After months of negotiations and political infighting, the lawmakers approved the measure in a 70-29 vote that comfortably exceeded the chamber's 60-vote threshold for passage and sent the legislation on to the House. Twenty-two Republicans joined most Democrats to support the bill.


© 2024 David Morgan and Patricia Zengerle, US Senate passes $95 billion Ukraine aid bill, but path ahead unclear, Reuters (13 February 2024)



This bill includes:



$60.06 billion more funding — atop the billions and billions already sent — for Ukraine's in-your-face corruption — as well as for, indirectly, the equally grift-grafting US military industrial complex


$14.1 billion to immorally and financially idiotically further advance very rich Israel's quasi-genocide in Gaza


$4.83 billion to start a war with China




$2.44 billion to attack the Houthis — for their Red Sea interdicting defense of Palestinians against Zionist Israel's quasi-genocide


as well as a token


$9.15 billion in feel-good assistance, so as to microscopically offset the swath of US-instigated death and destruction around the world.



If you are a sane person, consider . . .


. . . Viva Frei's intelligently angry reaction to the above-referenced form of Government-sponsored Satanism



Viva Frei, The “Border Bill” Just Became a “Foreign Aid Bill” and it's outrageous!, YouTube (13 February 2024)



In addition to killing people abroad for no reason whatsoever . . .


. . . other than to benefit War Oligarchs' wallets, the Deep State is impoverishing our own population by looting taxpayers' increasingly depleted pockets.



The moral? — That's American Government for you


Kill for peace and impoverish for wealth.


For example — here in excerpts:



The Biden administration keeps feeding these bogus stories to the press about how “frustrated” they are with Israel’s insistence on massacring civilians with unbelievable savagery, without ever actually making any meaningful policy changes or taking any meaningful actions to stop it.


The White House could end this with a phone call, just as it ended the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon with a phone call in 1982.


Israel is fully dependent on the United States to perpetrate these mass atrocities in Gaza, and the Israelis are fully aware of this.


The genocidal massacres have continued in Gaza for four months because the US empire wants them to continue.


© 2024 Caitlin Johnstone, Ignore What Western Officials Say about Israel; Watch Their Actions Instead, (13 February 2024)



A good way to deal with the United States' blanket reversal of morality and common sense, would be the send the Government people — who vote for, arm and implement these programs — to fight in the war zones that their policies affect.


US warmongering would stop almost overnight.