AP calls it Congressional dysfunction — I call it a frail emergence of unexpected function

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08 February 2024



Has the US Uni-Party finally cracked a bit?


A few Congressional Republicans miraculously have started doing their US-protecting jobs.


As a result of this surprise, one of the Deep State's propaganda organs (here the AP) sobbed in despair:



Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas was not, in fact, impeached by the House.


A border security package instantly collapsed in the Senate. And foreign aid for Ukraine as its fights Russia is stubbornly stalled.


The broken US. Congress failed in stunning fashion this week as Republicans in both the House and the Senate revolted in new and unimaginable ways against their own agenda. Lawmakers will try to do it all over again — as soon as next week.


“This is the mob rule right now in Congress — and I’m ready for mob rule. ... But it’s not a way to govern,” said Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana.


Just 48 hours put on display a spectacular level of dysfunction even for a Congress that has already set new standards for infighting, disruption and chaos after last year’s historic election, then ouster, of the Republican House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy.


It shows how deeply the Republican Party, under Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, is by choice or by force, turning away from its traditional role as a working partner in the U.S.'s two-party system to a new one that is rooted in Donald Trump’s vision of the GOP.


© 2024 Lisa Mascaro, Broken Congress: It can’t fix the border, fund allies or impeach Mayorkas as GOP revolts, AP (07 February 2024)



Let me point to the obvious


These purported Congressional failures came in reaction to an intentionally crafted Deep State package of repulsive measures.


Let's call those failed measures — Vomit Soup.


Here from Reuters — with my italicized emphasis:



In addition to $20.23 billion for border security, the bill included $60.06 billion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, $14.1 billion in security assistance for Israel, $2.44 billion to U.S. Central Command and the conflict in the Red Sea, and $4.83 billion to support U.S. partners in the Indo-Pacific facing aggression from China, according to figures from Senator Patty Murray, who chairs the Senate's Appropriation Committee.


An additional $10 billion would provide humanitarian assistance for civilians in conflict zones including in Ukraine, Gaza and the West Bank,


although the bill includes a provision barring its funds from going to the U.N. agency for Palestinians, UNRWA.


© 2024 Richard Cowan and Costas Pitas, US Senate unveils $118 billion bill on border security, aid for Ukraine, Israel, Reuters (05 February 2024)



In short


The rejected 'Happy Warmongers Bill' had allocated:



$60.06 billion (yet more) funding for Ukraine's in-your-face corruption, as well as (indirectly) the equally grafting US military industrial complex


$14.1 billion to immorally (and financially idiotically) further advance very rich Israel's quasi-genocide in Gaza


$4.83 billion to start a war with China


$2.44 billion to attack the Houthis — for their Red Sea interdicting defense of Palestinians against Zionist Israel's quasi-genocide


$10 billion in feel-good assistance to everyone, except the Palestinians who are being mass-slaughtered, displaced and starved to death, fully according to US and Israeli policy


and last


$20.23 billion — so as to grant 'Open Borders' Biden with (effectively speaking) even more authority to let the entire rest of the world come to America forever.



Notice that the supposedly 'secure' borders allocation is only one-quarter . . .


. . . of the $81.43 billion dollars allocated to war-slaughtering people all over the world.


This being so, despite the fact that the US has literally zero actual national interest in Ukraine, Gaza, Chinese-area waters and the morally heinous furthering of genocides anywhere.


And instead, we do have a 100 percent absolute interest in preventing an influx of mass migration that sinks all traces of American identity. Whose sad demise is wokeist globalists' (World Economic Forum) goal.



Finally — and contrary to the AP's propagandized wailing . . .


. . . the Mayorkas impeachment was a separate matter.


It failed, as impeachments often do.


This purported failure is hardly a sign of Congressional dysfunction.


Even though, in this case, the impeachment would have been richly deserved. And a subsequent imprisonment for quasi-treason would have put a nice punctuation on a guilty verdict.


If anything, the Mayorkas Affair shows how deeply entrenched the American Deep State — and its pretend democracy-based political establishment — are in their intentional destruction of the Constitution-based United States.



The moral? — For once, Congressional quarreling is a sign . . .


. . .that a few influential Americans are finally waking up, just enough, to create an arguably legitimate (not divertingly concocted) controversy.


If we gave those few Congress people, instruments of effective resistance — configured however you wish in your political imagination — we might finally get something arguably We the People-useful accomplished in Washington DC.