Sergey Lavrov slapped the Nazi-loving West up-side the head — at the United Nation's 20 September 2023 Security Council meeting

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22 September 2023



Russian prophet?


Regarding the collective West's mendacious, diarrhetic hypocrisy (on all topics), enter Sergey Lavrov.


Russia's historically gigantic foreign minister. Speaking at the 20 September 2023 UN Security Council meeting.


The below excerpts arriving after Lavrov's accurate elucidation of the West's (intentionally illegal) establishment of a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine in 2014:



Today, the rhetoric of our opponents is full of slogans such as “invasion,” “aggression” and “annexation.”


They do not say a word about the inner reasons for the problem, or the fact that for many years they nurtured a downright Nazi regime, which is openly rewriting the results of World War II and the history of their own people.


The West does not want to hold a substantial discussion based on facts and respect for all the requirements of the UN Charter, probably because they have no arguments for an honest dialogue.


One gets a strong impression that Western representatives are afraid of professional discussions where their empty rhetoric can be exposed.


These “advocates” of Ukraine’s territorial integrity pretend to have forgotten the essence of the Minsk Agreements, under which Donbass was to be reintegrated into Ukraine on the condition of guaranteed respect for all the fundamental human rights, primarily the right to one’s own language.


The West, which thwarted their implementation, is directly responsible for the disintegration of Ukraine and for inciting a civil war there.


Trying to hinder efforts to make international relations more democratic, the United States and its allies are taking over the secretariats of international organisations increasingly openly and impudently, violating the established procedure to create mechanisms with non-consensual mandates, which they can control and use to condemn anyone who does not suit Washington for whatever reason.


Facts point to a deep crisis in international relations and the absence of the Western countries’ desire and will to overcome this crisis.


I would like to repeat that, when global leaders signed the UN Charter nearly 80 years ago, they agreed to respect the sovereign equality of all states be they big or small, rich or poor, monarchies or republics.


In other words, back then humanity recognised the importance of an equal and polycentric world order as the guarantee of stable and safe development.


Therefore, the issue today is not about giving our consent to a “rules-based world order” but about fulfilling the obligations all of us assumed by signing and ratifying the UN Charter in their entirety and as a whole.


© 2023 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the UN Security Council meeting “Upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter through effective multilateralism: maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine,” New York, September 20, 2023, (20 September 2023)



You can watch the English-subtitled speech here:



Michael Rossi Poli Sci, Sergey Lavrov Speaks at the UN Security Council Session on Ukraine - September 20 2023 - English Sub, YouTube (21 September 2023)



Compare US secretary of state, Antony Blinken


Whose soul-lacking, warmongering hypocrisy I addressed yesterday.



The moral? — One side (the Eastern) arguably embodies Martin Luther King Jr's "arc of moral history"


In contrast, American neocons' other side — struts maggot-infested mental and moral decomposition.


Of this supposedly civilizational conflict, the majority of humanity is already recording a verdict.