Secretary of State Antony Blinken — hypocritically dimwitted, moronically cliche-spewing and strategically overreaching — US warmonger

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21 September 2023



A pustulently prancing bag of abrasive stupidity


Below are excerpts drawn from US Secretary of State — Antony Blinken's — neocon warmongering speech at Johns Hopkins on 13 September 2023.


My comments (in bracketed italics) are incorporated into Blinken's mindless text.


Those italicized additions reflect, I suspect, how people outside the propagandized United States will regard Vacuous Tony's streams of psychological projection:



Decades of relative geopolitical stability have given way to an intensifying competition with authoritarian powers, revisionist powers [— like the United States].


Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine [— which the United States and NATO provoked as a matter of policy —] is the most immediate, the most acute threat to the international order enshrined in the UN charter and its core principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence for nations, and universal indivisible human rights for individuals.


Meanwhile, the People’s Republic of China poses the most significant long-term challenge because it not only aspires to reshape the international order [— that was put into place by the United States after World War 2, solely to advantage the United States as against everyone else —], it increasingly has the economic, the diplomatic, the military, the technological power to do just that.


And Beijing and Moscow are working together to make the world safe for autocracy [— an example of the United States pot calling the Eastern kettle 'black' —] through their “no limits partnership.”


More democracies are under threat.


Challenged from the inside [— as, for example, inside the United States itself —] by elected leaders [— like President Joe Biden —] who exploit resentments and stoke fears; erode independent judiciaries and the media; enrich cronies; crack down on civil society and political opposition.


And challenged from the outside, by autocrats who spread disinformation, who weaponize corruption, who meddle in elections [— exactly as the United States does on a daily basis].


Now, our competitors have a fundamentally different vision.


They see a world defined by a single imperative: regime preservation and enrichment [— like the neoliberal United States implements in all its activities, as a matter of policy].


A world where authoritarians are free to control, coerce, and crush their people, their neighbors, and anyone else standing in the way of this all-consuming goal. [Sadly identical to the operations of the Grand American Plutocracy.]


Our competitors claim that the existing order is a Western imposition [— a blazingly accurate and historically verifiable observation —], when in fact the norms and values that anchor it are universal in aspiration [— 'universal' here meaning that only the United States and its European vassal-pawns think so] – and enshrined in international law that they’ve signed onto.


They claim [— reasonably accurately, if cultural hegemonism is to be avoided —] that what governments do within their borders is their business alone, and that human rights are subjective values that vary from one society to another.


They believe that big countries are entitled to spheres of influence – that power and proximity give them the prerogative to dictate their choices to others. [Accurately describing the way that the United States has acted for decades.]


© 2023 U.S. Department of State, Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) “The Power and Purpose of American Diplomacy in a New Era”, (13 September 2023)



The above excerpts make Blinken's overly long speech seem more coherent than it is


In truth, the talk is poorly organized (as a matter of logic) and filled with one self-lauding and facts-defying, moronic American cliche after another.


If Secretary Blinken's goals were to model (a) stupidity writ large and (b) psychological projection — he succeeded in admirable fashion.



Evidently, the United States is planning to go to war with Russia and China at the same time


That bone-headed strategy remaining in place immediately after having proven — to anyone with insight — that the US is completely incapable of going head to head with Russia via conventional military means.


Yet, in spite of that shortfall — according to the neocon Biden administration — why not add mighty China to our list of targeted American warmongering?


Neocon logic (almost always) lacks facts and rational perception.



The moral? — World War 3 will have been initiated by the United States' endless supply of psychotically belligerent dopes


Theft and murder-prone avarice — combined with a cement-headed inability to accurately assess reality — are (arguably) a survival-ending combination.


And to think that a prominent American pseudo-leader would enthusiastically emblazon these lamentable traits into History's record, via a shockingly dumb and provocative speech.


Self-awareness is not, apparently, an American leadership trait.