Secretary of State Blinken again demonstrated his psychotic foolishness

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31 July 2023



With 'diplomats' like ours — who needs foreign adversaries?


Proving my point about American nihilism (made three days ago) — Secretary Blinken yesterday demonstrated how truly useless to humanity's true well-being combining an Ivy League education with neoconservatism and neoliberalism are:



When Blinken was asked what he considered to be a greater challenge for humanity — nuclear war or global climate change . . . . [h]e replied:


Well, you can't, I think, have a hierarchy.


There are some things that are front and centre – the wolf at the door – including potential conflict, but there's no doubt that climate represents an existential challenge to all of us . . . .


So for us, this is the existential challenge of our times.


© 2023 Saumya Joshi, Nuclear War Threat No Worse Than Climate Change: Antony Blinken, (31 July 2023)



Do notice that


Mainstream American media did not cover Blinken's idiot-based inability to prioritize easily ranked evils.


It took India's press to do it.





Physics was not Antony's major. Nor was biology, chemistry, engineering, or anything similarly beneficially useful.


Not even logic and critical thinking.


He was, instead, left to meander — soul-lacking and arguably brainless — through life, avariciously seeking only the Corridors of Money and Totalitarian Power.


This is most probably and lamentably what we should generally expect from an Ivy League major in social studies and law.



The moral? — It is neocon cretins, like Secretary of State Blinken . . .


. . . who are fomenting nuclear war with Russian and China, without ever considering the consequences to life on this planet.


It says nothing favorable about the United States (in any conceivable 'moral' lexicon) that such people blanketly lead our country.


No wonder then, that the majority of other nations are, openly or not, running away from us.


Who wants to be corralled (or obliterated) by a bunch of murder-prone, pillaging lunatics?