Matt Gaetz's gumption may not have been institutionally wise — yet perhaps it constitutes an inadvertently welcome stab — into the American Uni-Party's parasitic heart

© 2023 Peter Free


07 October 2023



On the negative side


Representative Matt Gaetz's (self-initiated) unseating of House Speaker McCarthy promises still more chaos in the United States' characteristically parasitic and tyrannically aimed governance.



After all . . .


What good does recruiting all Democrats into voting a Republican Speaker out, when only 8 Republicans joined them?


The Grand Plutocracy's Democrats were obviously not seeking more efficient government. But rather, to theatrically humiliate its pretend opposition, the Plutocracy's — also bribed, fully owned and equally blood-sucking — Republican Party.



In truth


What anyone expects eight — numerically insignificant, though arguably pseudo-principled — Republicans to do, after Speaker McCarthy hits the road — has no likely beneficial institutional answer.


A useless and destructive Uni-Party-controlled legislature will remain so.


As the corporatist and oligarchically controlled United States continues to suicide itself in the throes of Avarice and Murder Worship.



However, on the potentially 'good' side


Gaetz's impulsively conceived boot — up Congress's Ukraine War funding's backside — may turn out to have cascading historical implications — that ultimately fragment and kill the Collective West's morally revolting promotion of Ukrainian Nazism.



That [US] empire is now unravelling from endless wars, bankruptcy and endemic corruption in Washington.


The ultimate degeneracy is evident from the “moralizing”, “superior” Western powers being found in bed with a Nazi regime.


And along with that degeneracy, financial debts are off the charts and a grievous insult to the onerous democratic needs of the Western public.


When Uncle Sam does a runner, and he will, the game is finally up for him and all his vassals.


The great unravelling of Western imperialist power is underway and is accelerating.


© 2023 Finian Cunningham, And So It Begins… The Great Unravelling, Strategic Culture Foundation (06 October 2023)



Thus, to contemplate that . . .


. . . a more or less lonely American legislative representative, probably unwittingly, (just possibly) managed to pull a critical thread in our Noxiously Neocon Imperium's decline:



Forever it seems, the Republicans have talked the talk but haven’t walked the walk.


They align their talk with our concerns about what our children are taught and not taught, about the safety of our streets, about “affirmative action,” about the offshoring of our manufacturing jobs, about living standards, about government’s fiscal irresponsibility, about aggressive foreign policy, but they lack the courage to do anything.


Instead, they align their walk with the teachers’ unions, with the offshoring corporations, with the military/security complex on gratuitous wars that serve only armaments profits, and with aggressive neoconservative foreign policy that threatens nuclear war.


Gaetz said “enough,” and for the first time in history a Speaker has been removed from office.


Whatever the cost, this is an important gain.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, Hat’s Off to Matt Gaetz, (05 October 2023)



The moral? — Should kudos be awarded?


Certainly, a breath of potentially cleaner air has puffed itself into existence. That so, by riding upon maniacal impulsivity's romping (Gaetz) steed.


Should we, at the least, appreciate cosmic randomness's disruptively creative spark?