Golly gee, kids — let's just shoot our American ass selves in the head — and be done with it?

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04 October 2023



'It' just keeps getting better and better


With US neocons determined to start World War 3 on two fronts — a conflict which the US military cannot possibly handle, even if reduced to only one (e.g., Russia) —



America's grift-grafting domestic politicians have decided that


further shredding


(our open-bordered and internally to-the-death-squabbling country)


from the inside —


would be a spectacularly grand idea.



Allow me two, fully indicative, examples of such


One national.


One local, with national implications.



First example — national — Congress


With a failure to fund American government underway in the US House of Representatives:



(that typically American tribute to creating mass public instability on scheduled purpose)


this same Legislative Body decided to oust its Speaker


with absolutely no agreed-upon


(and presumably mildly persuasive)


replacement candidate in sight.



All of this Happiness in Governance being enthusiastically delivered, with less than 45 days to go, before the pre-ouster-agreed emergency government-funding measure implodes (on 17 November 2023) on set-in-stone schedule.


Talk about making competent national governance even more difficult to achieve.


Evidently, this nation has become a toy for the Corporatist stooges in Congress to play with.



Second example — local to national — California in the Senate


The (allegedly) Golden State:



not wanting to be left out the above-mentioned, sun-beachy fun —


via its pretty boy


continually lying


always chaos-creating


Governor Gavin Newsom —


decided to appoint a Democratic Party-pleasing


black lesbian




State of Maryland resident


to take deceased


white heterosexual


California Senator Dianne Finestein's place,


on the Golden State's behalf.



Evidently, California's own burgeoning (roughly) 40 million population could not produce even one black lesbian Democratic Party-pleasing and similarly 'diverse' candidate.



Kudos, I guess, to (presumably) diversity-honeypot Maryland.


From sea to shining sea, we can intuit, our allegedly national search for sterling examples of 'minority-ship' will go.



One might (forgivably) wonder why nation-searching diversity is necessary — under circumstances in which a (roughly) 40 million-populated state cannot produce — one deduces, based on the event in question — even one example of the presumably necessary category of heterogeneity-satisfying uniqueness.


Of this exceedingly obvious nonsense, journalist Bradley Blankenship sourly observed that:



US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the longest-serving female senator in American history, passed away on September 29 after a long, trailblazing career in politics.


With her death, California Governor Gavin Newsom was entitled to make yet another political appointment, this time promising to fill the role with a black woman.


Indeed, the governor delivered – and big time.


He appointed a gay black woman named Laphonza Butler. But read the fine print because Newsom never said he would appoint a Californian, as Butler actually resides in Maryland.


And what are her credentials?


Well, she’s apparently a “veteran organizer” who, after years of union work, was co-opted by Uber to help manage the company’s labor relations at a time when its partners sought full-employment status.


She basically helped screw over a bunch of gig workers.


In the Southern United States, we have an endearing term for a politician who settles in a place that they’re not originally from to seek office – “carpetbagger.”


Elected representatives are supposed to have a connection to the locality or state from which they are elected and vote on behalf of that region’s citizens.


Add the fact that Butler is a longtime labor friend-turned-pro-employer stooge, and her token identity as an LGBTQ black woman, and you have a situation where pretty much anyone would agree that her appointment is nothing more than paper-thin corporate identitarianism.


© 2023 Bradley Blankenship, Dianne Feinstein’s replacement cranks her problems up to 11, RT (03 October 2023)



The moral? — Enter (again ad nauseum) the hand of the Grand American Plutocracy


In the United States, why govern responsibly and competently, when creating mass chaos is so psychotically and profitably rewarding for this nation's Corporatist Oligarchs?


National suicide (at all levels) is fun and profitable, these Globalists tell us.



It must be nice, we can intuit, to have billions and billions of escape-ensuring dollars in the bank.


This is how Oligarchy-prescribed 'happiness' flows.



As for the rest of us — is the smell of impoverished burning fleece and sheepy flesh, soon to follow?


Sadly, we cannot say that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin did not warn us.