Israeli Zionism is so deranged — that it is having its rabid dog, AIPAC — spend $100 million to remove anti-genocide members of Congress

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21 November 2023



Israel and its bribing propagandists . . .


. . . are (evidently) proud of being reincarnated German Nazism's new Holocaust perpetrators:



The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, one of the most powerful, best-funded influence operations in Washington, is planning to go all out to knock the famed “Squad”—the small group of highly visible and popular progressive legislators of color, most of them women—out of office.


The most outspoken and unapologetically leftist contingent of the Democratic Party in national office, the Squad has been vocal in its criticism of Israel’s retaliatory assault on Gaza following the Oct. 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas.


Members of the group have prominently pushed a cease-fire resolution in Congress; it now has 18 signatories.


Close watchers now expect AIPAC to spend at least $100 million in Democratic primaries, largely trained on eliminating incumbent Squad members from their seats.


© 2023 Alexander Sammon, The Squad Is About to Fight for Its Political Life, Slate (15 November 2023)



Oh yes (says AIPAC)


Let's stamp out Americans' ability to speak freely. So that New Zion's demonic butchers can continue their Palestinian-slaughtering work.



The moral? —  At the unembarrassed rate that innocents-murdering Israel is going . . .


. . . the planet will have to corral the supposedly 'chosen people' in Humanity's self-defense.


Sane Judaism — and the United States — should disentangle themselves from Zionism's Satanic ghouls.


That so, for fear of becoming irreparably tainted by these genocidal lunatics' mental and moral rot.