Israel locks Palestinians up in its Gaza-located concentration camp — indiscriminately slaughters them — and virtually no one influential in the West objects

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30 October 2023



Does the Shoah excuse Israel's behavior?


After decades of confining Palestinians in Israel's Gaza equivalent of a Hitlerian concentration camp— the Zionist nation is now bombing, bulleting and missiling them to death — during Israel's Gaza-imposed communications blackout.


As Caitlin Johnstone observed:



A genocidal massacre in total darkness works very much to the advantage of those doing the massacring.


As Israeli siege warfare cuts Gazans off from both electricity and communications, we’re seeing the lights go out in Gaza in more ways than one.


The light has been further dimmed by the rampant killing of journalists by the Israeli military.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Israel Cut Off Gaza’s Communications Because Murderers Don’t Like Witnesses, (28 October 2023)



Pertinent to Johnstone's assessment . . .


. . . is George Galloway's brief, accurate review of Israel's history — some of which he witnessed in person:



George Galloway, Why Modern-Day Terrorism Was Invented by Zionists, YouTube (29 October 2023)



Chris Hedges, also an in-person witness to Israel's genocide-imitating actions . . .


. . . wrote this assessment:



Chris Hedges, Israel’s Culture of Deceit, ScheerPost (18 October 2023)



Another villain — the United States


The United States has been subsidizing, arming and militarily assisting Israel for decades. Thus, America is complicit in advancing Israel's ethically intolerable (and illegal) behavior.


A simple phone call from the Biden administration would end Israel's terror-slaughter in Gaza.


Instead, we Americans lend eager support to the quasi-genocide of Palestinian innocents.



A larger and even more damning perspective


Notice that — after instigating, supporting, arming and militarily assisting literal Nazism in Ukraine — the United States is doing the same with regard to Israel's Palestinian-exterminating conduct in Gaza.


What does this say about the United States?



The moral? — Israel has arguably abandoned its right to exist (as currently constructed)


In exactly the same way that Hitler's Holocausting Germany did.


The United States is, morally speaking, arguably not far behind.


A sensible person should wonder whether these Satanically inclined behaviors — on both nations' parts — will gather 'soft power' respect from most of the Reason-capable world.


The fact that they do not, becomes more evident each day.


So, contemplate what will happen — after the US loses the world war that it is so determined to start.