Janet Yellen's stupid statement about the United States being able to afford two wars — shows how maniacally deluded American leadership is

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26 October 2023



Here is what the US Treasury secretary said


Speaking to Sky News:



America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel's military needs[,] and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.


© 2023 James Sillars, Janet Yellen: America can 'certainly' afford to support Israel and Ukraine, US Treasury secretary says, Sky News (16 October 2023)



In comparison — current reality


The United States has been unable to supply Ukraine with the weapons, money and military assistance necessary to successfully prosecute the Ukrainian War — which the US intentionally provoked with Russia.


It is as if realistic beforehand planning was absent. Both as to the comparative military and economic capabilities of the unnecessarily and artificially opposed sides.


The last few months have, incontrovertibly, demonstrated that Russia is (militarily and economically) massively winning this horrifically deadly confrontation.



Yet nevertheless, here we are today . . .


. . . deliberately escalating the Israeli-Hamas conflict by provocatively sending two US Navy carrier groups to the Middle East and vetoing an otherwise unanimous UN Security Council ceasefire resolution.


While still, and simultaneously, continuing with our insane Neocon Plan to provoke Russia and China into world war.



These US-sponsored geopolitical stupidities apparently occurring . . .


. . . because US leadership — and apparently much of our population — are inescapably brainless and hopelessly addicted to the murder and destruction of others for fun and profit.



The moral? — History predicts that Neocon America will not be around much longer


'Crazy' does not survive long in the real world.


That combination is like spitefully wandering through an expansive desert of one's own creation, without carrying the necessary water of life.


Psychotic, spitefully dumb and ultimately self-destructive — describes the United States' behavior.