Hamas 07 October 2023 — was it a cold-hearted ruse of immense geopolitical change — or was it a hot-headed maneuver of strategically dumbass proportion?

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17 November 2023



No genuinely talented leaders anywhere in sight


The Gaza slaughter continues. Nobody objects enough to stop it.


Therefore, I revisit my post entitled:



Has Israel's viciousness in retaliation — turned the Hamas 07 October attack into a historically meaningful turn of destiny?



Probably not


Hamas is proving itself to be ineffectual in opposing Israel's Gaza-directed quasi-genocide.


So much for the idea that Hamas would swarm from its tunnels and dismember Israeli forces.


Instead, the tunnels serve as Israel's excuse to flatten whatever is on top of them. Including thousands of women, babies and children.


If this was Hamas' plan, it was a strategically stupid one. Equivalent to Palestinian boys throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, and then being either shot to death or having their arms broken.


Yes, in Hamas's favor — more and more people hate Zionist Israel. But not so much that the strategic board is going to change. The Arab world remains filled with self-interested, non-intervening cowards as leaders.


In sum, Hamas has bloomed lots of blowharding talk and no action from the world that lies outside itself.





Pepe Escobar, Why the US needs this war in Gaza, The Cradle (15 November 2023)



Not that this predominating Arabic cowardice outdoes . . .


. . . the rest of the planet's identically nauseating surplus of such.


Ain't no one looking like Alexander the Great — or anyone else of singular historical significance — in this unappealing Butcher's Stew.



The moral? — The Middle East will settle down, only after . . .


. . . Iran builds significant numbers of nuclear weapons.


Seems that nukes are ordinary humanity's only guard against slaughters initiated by reincarnated Nazis and American fascists.


Humanity is a perpetual disappointment to itself.


It promotes the worst to societal power and suppresses, or kills, the best.


And martyrs, for the most part, go unnoticed.