Has Israel's viciousness in retaliation — turned the Hamas 07 October attack into a historically meaningful turn of destiny?

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10 November 2023



Was this a cold-hearted geopolitical ruse of immense outcome?


Israel's genocidally inclined treatment of Gaza — after Hamas's 07 October 2023 attack — has turned Hamas's questionable strategic judgment (in initiating that assault) into a probably long-lasting loss of Zionist Israel's dominating influence on history.



Such an outcome would be historically remarkable


What with Israel having been undone by its morally repugnant nastiness.


And with wily Hamas having been the initiating (and calculating) instrument that exposed expansionist Zionism's rottenness-of-soul to the world.



The price (for Hamas's geopolitical success) being . . .


. . .  its foreseeable sacrifice of thousands and thousands of innocent Gazans to Israel's grossly disproportionate vengeance.


Mostly women and children. With proportionately few Hamas terrorists/freedom fighters being within that slaughtered total.


This global attention-getting disproportion directly resulting from Hamas's accurate forecast of retaliating Israel's horrific actions.


This is Sun Tzu's — 'know the enemy' postulate — with a vengeance.



One shudders at the cost in blameless Gazan lives


Yet, it is precisely this sacrifice of thousands of innocent civilians — all killed by Zionist hands — that make Israel's genocide so attention-grabbing.


And probably so history-turning.



The moral? — Innocent Gazan 'martyrs' indeed


Islam's martyr terminology is apt.