George F. Smith is thinking about — the United States' punishment of Liberty-supporting displays of courage

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17 January 2024



Prepping an anti-Tyranny soul


George F. Smith wrote a brief essay outlining what happens to outspoken people, who resist tyranny.


He concluded that — here in excerpts and slightly format-changed synopsis:



Most likely you feel safe because your voice hasn’t attracted a large following. 


What would the state’s enforcers gain by attacking a little guy?


Possibly you believe you aren’t really attacking the state with your social media posts, just the corrupt regime currently in power.  As long as your words don’t go too far off the rails you think trouble will leave you alone.


The SWAT team hacking at your door could care less.


Is it really worth your life defying the state?


Each of us should inventory our degree of bravery for the times ahead[:]



Tank Man [of Tiananmen Square, Beijing],


[Thomas] Paine,


The White Rose [resisters to German Nazism]


and others risked their lives opposing tyranny.



Are you ready to die, if necessary, in defense of your convictions?


Are they the backbone of your life or just ideas you’re flirting with?


Is death preferable to slavery?  Or is slavery death by other means?


We each must decide and act accordingly.


 © 2024 George F. Smith, Are You an Enemy of the State?, (17 January 2024)



I agree


Self-evaluation has become necessary, among self-purported Resisters to Tyranny, in these rampaging fascist-corporatist American times.



Consider, by way of surprisingly immediate instance . . .


. . . that the Texas National Guard is having to corral the Border Feds.


This drastic (arguably political) step being taken by Governor Abbott, so as to protect Texas' borders against the (illegal) immigrant-importing machinations of Dementia Joe Biden's globalist — World Economic Forum-owned — government in Washington DC.


Everywhere one looks, American institutions — as well as America's mass of public-trough-sucking Corporatists — are successfully trying to throttle historically held American values and personal Liberties.


With, of course, Congress's passel of grifters' eager assistance.



So yes . . .


If you speak out, you will be self-painting a target on your back.


And these Democratic Party-directed federal minions will continue to delight in aiming at the mostly powerless.


Examine, for instance, the Government's societally dividing, insurrection-accusing overreaction to the Capitol Riot of 06 January 2021.


That draconian scuttling of both common sense and even-handed justice is still in progress.



With arrestees having languished in jail, during extended and anti-Constitutional delays.


And — once successfully show-trialed, Soviet Union-style — receiving usually excessively long prison sentences for mostly trivial, often arguably Government- invited, actions.



Americans, obviously, have no idea what a real insurrection is like.


Genuine rebellions are not accomplished without truckloads of guns, murders, and oh-so-obviously premeditated and planned-out intents.


I conclude that we live in a nation run by pampered, power-hungry and exclusively self-serving Sissy Elites.


Voluntarily subjecting oneself to these Satan-inspired Dreg-Humans is the worst form of soul-suicide.



What we have learned . . .


. . . for the umpteenth time since 9/11 — is that too many Government agents and institutions delight in trampling all over their supposedly fiduciary duty to uphold the US constitution.


We the People cannot count on displays of genuine governmental honor, anywhere in the American System.



Consider journalist Julian Assange. Being literally murdered, in keeping with US instructions to its United Kingdom vassal.


Similarly, and equally 'now' — recall Gonzalo Lira's death at the United States' Nazi Ukraine-loving hands. He could have been saved with just one phone call from the Biden administration.



The list goes on.



The moral? — In preppers' style, contemplate George F. Smith's posed questions


Some of us in the Moral Resistance are certainly next for Tyranny's axe.


Will we go out with genuine meaning?


Or, in contrast, complicitly vapidly and on trotters-borne pusillanimity?