Earth Day Ridiculous as a form of environmental theater — people actually worked at being dumber than . . .

© 2021 Peter Free


25 April 2021



Earth Day 2021


Sanitation workers had to remove the mess.


One wonders how the following — theatrically silly — people were not criminally summonsed for littering and obstructing traffic:



A group of activists dumped cow poop near the White House Thursday to send President Joe Biden the message that his environmental protection promises are “bullsh-t” and don’t go far enough.


At least a dozen environmentalists are seen in footage hauling the smelly loads in pink wheelbarrows then plopping the dung onto a street next to Lafayette Square, according to the Washingtonian.


A sign sticking out of Bessy’s steaming pile reads: “Stop the Bullsh-t.”


The demonstrators, organized by the group Extinction Rebellion DC, demanded that Biden strengthen legislation, including adding limits on greenhouse emissions. They also waved signs reading, “Declare a climate emergency now!”


The mound of dung blocked traffic Thursday morning until city sanitation workers cleaned it up.


© 2021 Jackson O'Brien, Activists dump cow poop in DC street to protest Biden climate plan, New York Post (22 April 2021)



For a fuller appreciation . . .


. . . of the magnificent level of nitwittedness that went into Extinction Rebellion's poo-brain simulation — see the following photographic sources:



Jane Recker, Climate Activists Dumped Cow Poop Near the White House — The City Had to Clean It Up, Washingtonian (22 April 2021)


James Gordon, Activists dump wheelbarrows full of MANURE outside the White House in protest that Joe Biden's climate plan is too little, too late, Daily Mail (23 April 2021)



Extinction Rebellion folks had to sit around coming up with . . .


. . . their manure, pink barrow and Earth goddess costume themes.  Instead of (and in preference to) doing something even marginally useful in 'saving the climate'.


This 'ER' crew also had to plan their Poo Plop Production, so that other (less privileged and vacuously useless) folk would have to clean up after them at taxpayers' expense.


Appealingly moronic ingenuity, no?



The moral? — With brain-rotted humans like these . . .


. . . Extinction Rebellion plotters at the helm, we are just as certain to perish, as we will — if we leave the world's current crop of blood-sucking devils in charge.


Responsible societal intelligence is absent in both groups.


That observation returns us to yesterday's expression of societal despair.