Dr Mengele's offspring live in Israel?

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06 November 2023



Is this another sign of rabid Zionism's enthusiastic reincarnation of Nazism?


From Israel's ultra-Orthodox Hadari News Ltd:



In an unprecedented manner, many dozens of doctors joined in a sharp call to the security system officials and decision makers:


"Those who mix hospitals and terrorism must understand that hospitals are not a safe place for them - terrorism must be eliminated everywhere and in any way."


The letter states:


The residents of Gaza who saw fit to turn the hospitals into terrorist nests in an attempt to take advantage of Western morality, are the ones who brought their destruction upon themselves - terrorism must be eliminated everywhere and in any way.


Attacking terrorist headquarters located inside a hospital is the IDF's right and even its duty.


To abandon the citizens of Israel and protect many from murderers just because they are hiding in hospitals - is unthinkable.


 © 2023 Israel Lefkowitz, Doctors and professors: "Bomb the Hamas headquarters in the hospitals in Gaza", www.bhol.co.il (04 November 2023)



Yes siree, let's slaughter Palestinians, based upon an endless supply of self-serving rumors and genocidally prone overreactions — to a Palestinian resistance — that we caused ourselves, by displacing and murdering them in the first place.


Dr. Mengele would be proud.



The moral? — At some point, Zionism . . .


. . . (of this abysmally ugly ilk) begins to be perceived as Judaism.


What then?


If I were of Jewish heritage, I would be deeply concerned about a genocidally-prone political movement's capture of my respectworthy religion and culture.