Al Jazeera's understated burial vignette — figuratively applies to both of the United States' recently instigated slaughter-horrors

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23 November 2023



First, came the United States' deliberately instigated proxy war in Ukraine


With probably at least 500,000 Ukrainian military dead, as of now.


That's a whole generation of productive men. Intentionally sacrificed to American neocons' dream of world domination.


Filled Ukrainian cemeteries everywhere.


Swaths of shattered, dismembered bodies underground.



Second, arrived Zionist Israel's American-financed and weaponed quasi-genocide


Regarding this most recent slaughter of innocent Palestinians, Al Jazeera published a low-key observational statement, regarding just one of its consequences:



Dozens of bodies, wrapped in improvised white cloths that double as shrouds, lie together in a newly dug mass grave.


They are the unidentified Palestinians who were killed in Israeli attacks, their bodies are either charred beyond recognition or torn apart, to the point where the burial supervisors are sometimes not completely sure if they got the whole person.


But the team at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital does its best to offer the proper Islamic burial rituals to the remains, hoping that their efforts will allow the deceased victims to rest.


Yasser Abu Ammar, who supervises the ritual washing of the dead at the hospital, told Al Jazeera: “About 80 percent of the bodies we receive are torn apart. We’re burying torn-apart limbs, and some bodies have their organs lacerated and exposed.


“We’ve never seen anything like this, like these puzzling wounds inflicted on these mangled body parts.”


Abu Ammar added that he had supervised the burial of body parts belonging to a six-member family in one shroud.


“All of them barely made up one complete body,” he said.


© 2023 Atia Darwish and Maram Humaid, Burying the bodies of unidentified victims of Israel’s war on Gaza, Al Jazeera (22 November 2023)



The moral? — All of this is Satan's work . . .


. . . courtesy of the allegedly 'indispensable' United States.


According to that peculiarly egotistical and propagandized American logic — and in view of what we have repeatedly done (and are continuing to do) worldwide — somebody, namely us, apparently has to be the Anti-Christ.


Rebel against what US neocons are doing in our name.