Provoking more wars — with our brainless head up our neocon-sculpted ass

© 2023 Peter Free


22 November 2023



Proving again, that we Americans and our puppet states are incapable . . .


. . . of thought. Much less learning from previous mistakes.


Consider, for instance, the following.



Provoking Russia (again)


The following news arriving after we instigated the generational slaughter of at least 500,000 Ukrainian troops in a failed proxy war against Russia.


And after — simultaneously and intentionally — we began Germany's geopolitically pointless deindustrialization by blowing up its Nord Stream gas pipeline.


Comes this news, from Andrew Korbyko:



The latest dynamics suggest that NATO is conspiring to place more pressure on Russia along the bloc’s new Finnish member’s frontier, which is intended to provoke reciprocal military moves that can then be decontextualized as so-called “unprovoked aggression” for justifying a self-sustaining cycle of escalation.


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Monday that his country will respond in accordance with its national interests if Finland closes the entirety of their joint border like the Finnish Interior Minister threatened to do last week. In the intervening days, the EU said that it’s ready to send forces to that frontier, Finland gassed a group of border crossers, and it also deployed soldiers there too.


Taken together, Finland is clearly hellbent on positioning itself as a frontline NATO state against Russia.


© 2023 Andrew Korbyko, Finland Is Hellbent on Positioning Itself as A Frontline NATO State against Russia, (21 November 2023)



Second — provocatively escalating chances for a world war with now-mighty China . . .


. . . while duplicitously pretending to calm things down in San Francisco:



Next year, U.S. Army Forces Pacific will deploy new intermediate-range missiles to the region as part of its efforts to deter China from invading Taiwan, its commander said Saturday.


These will include a limited number of land-based Tomahawks and SM-6s, Gen. Charles Flynn told reporters at the Halifax International Security Forum here.


The deployment of land-based Tomahawks, whose variants can range up to 2,500 kilometers, was forbidden under the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty until the U.S. withdrew in 2019, citing Russian non-compliance.


© 2023 Patrick Tucker,  US to deploy new land-based missiles, Army’s Pacific commander says, Defense One (19 November 2023)



You can imagine what the US would do, if one of our perceived adversaries did the same in an attempt to intimidate us.



And third — happily assisting (war-crimes-extraordinary) Zionist Israel . . .


. . . with its anti-Palestinian quasi-genocide.


Which, y'all can guess, obliterates the United States' supposedly moral high ground.


And makes us popular with just about no one else on the planet.



With all these strategically unnecessary provocations in the works


You can bet that a whole bunch'a folks would like to see America vanish in Armageddon's hellfire.



The moral? — An overtly grifters-led neocon nation like ours . . .


. . . which now stands for nothing except avarice and uninterrupted death-dealing — has no legitimate place among a genuine Humanity.


I cannot think of more efficient and ethically loathsome ways for the United States to commit national suicide.


Fortunately, a notable proportion of young people are waking up to the monstrous nature of what we have become — under the United States' hell-making combination of fascist corporatism and neoconservative evildoing.