Why would Iran put important people on a single helicopter — and then fly it through mountain fog — to a basically unimportant event?

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20 May 2024



Cultural stupidity, it seems, is not exclusive to the West


Iran has a way of getting its top people killed in foreseeably dumb ways.


Most recently, by hazarding its president (Ebrahim Raisi) and foreign minister (Hossein Amir-Abdollahian) — as well as the governor of an East Azerbaijan Province province (Malek Rahmati) and a senior Tabriz city imam — to death in an avoidable helicopter crash.



Avoidable . . .


. . . because the chopper was flying in foggy mountains and likely without instruments.


And going to the comparatively unimportant inauguration of a dam.


Alaskan bush pilots would laugh at such a brazen invitation to die for poor reasons.



Iran reportedly blames US economic sanctions for the crash of its Bell 212 chopper


But after years-and-years of those sanctions, one wonders why Iran did not proactively replace their American aircraft with Russian or Chinese units.



As much as I decry pointless US stupidity in attacking Iran, Russia and China


I have trouble swallowing President Raisi's death as anything other than a consequence of Iranian recklessness.


If you know 'them guys' are out to get you — why make things easier for them?



The moral? — Hubris, the root of much evil and misfortune


'In sha Allah' doesn't cut it, when cloying complacence actively invites bad things to happen.