Why do something intelligent, when we can nuclear warmonger — to no purpose other than self-annihilation? — F-16s and rabid Whitehouse nitwits

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23 July 2023



Psychotic belligerence and nihilistic stupidity, combined


Here is the latest from the mental giants in Washington DC:



The Joe Biden administration believes it is important to get F-16s to the Ukrainian military and estimates the warplanes could arrive around the end of the year. Although, the White House does not assess the F-16s will alter the course of the war.


National security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said at the Aspen Security Forum Washington is trying to rush the delivery of F-16s to Kiev.


A spokesperson for the National Security Council, John Kirby, told Fox News on Thursday that the White House believes that date will be around the end of the year.


A coalition of 11 countries have come together to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16 and provide Kiev with several planes. Washington has signed off on transferring the war planes to Ukraine.


Kirby went on to say that F-16s will not change the course of the war and stressed Ukraine’s need for other weapons systems. "But it’s not our assessment that the F-16s alone would be enough to turn the tide here." He continues, Kiev needs “the four As: artillery, ammunition, air defense and armor – tanks.”


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Step back and evaluate


F-16s can carry nukes.


Russia has already said that a delivery of these fighters to Ukraine may escalate the war into a potential nuclear confrontation.


So, what does The Great Satan do in response to the Russia's observation?


It arranges to send F-16s to Ukraine, while admitting (and having previously confessed) that:



the fighter package will not affect the war's outcome




the United States and its Euro-Minions


are out of


and cannot produce anywhere close to enough


'artillery, ammunition, air defense and armor'


to keep Ukraine in its Nazi-inspired war game.



A mildly non-dumb person might wonder . . .


What's the point, then?


Nuclear war for its own sake?



The moral? — The US is led by Destruction's slavering demons


The only possible good in this US plan is that it will indeed lead to nuclear war, and many of these demonic American leaders will be obliterated in the conflagration that they alone caused.


Optimistically speaking, America's few 'normal person' survivors will afterward hunt down and eliminate the rest of neoconservatism's neoliberal Mob of Destroyers.


Will a Phoenix then rise?


Dante Alighieri could not have imagined a more grotesque Tableau of Human Depravity.