When your ideology is stupid, pretend that it is not — by passing a law — California's electric vehicles

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08 September 2023



This is so typical of 'Green' thinking, that it is funny . . .


. . . in a kind of a perish-the-human-species way:



California Senate Bill 233


This bill would require that, beginning in model year 2030, all new electric light-duty motor vehicles and schoolbuses sold in California be bidirectional capable.


“Beneficial bidirectional-capable use case” means the usage of bidirectional-capable electric vehicles and bidirectional electric vehicle service equipment in a manner that results in electrical reliability and resiliency benefits.


 “Bidirectional charging” means charging capability that enables an electric vehicle to either be charged by the electrical grid or an onsite energy resource, and discharge stored energy capacity through electric vehicle service equipment to either serve a local energy load, such as an adjacent home or building, or export it to the electrical grid.



In other words


Your EV would be able to charge itself (for a cost) from the State's electric grid — or — the State could suck all the energy out of it, whenever the State considered that to be a happily necessary thing to do.



Now, given that . . .


. . . California has banned gasoline vehicle sales as of 2035 — and — has no electric grid capable of meeting even the State's non-EV mass use in 2023 — this is pie-in-the-sky legislation intended to forward a vapid-mind's agenda, rather than to propose a workable societal fix.



Thomas Buckley summed the situation . . .


. . . for those among us, who have difficulty grasping the pants-wetting scope of ideology-based nonsense:



The idea becomes even more absurd when one considers that shortly after announcing all new vehicles sold in the state by 2035 must be electric, the state asked the public to not charge their EVs after work because the grid couldn’t handle it.


In theory, this bill raises the specter of electricity being drained out of your full Tesla to power your neighbor’s empty Volt.


Furthermore, the concept is extremely dangerous.


Imagine an emergency situation in which you have to leave your home immediately but you cannot because the state drained your car. The implications for fire evacuations, earthquake response, etc. are terrifying.


And it's not terribly clear if you would get paid for your power and/or if you would have to buy it back.


© 2023 Thomas Buckley, Power Vacuum: How the State Wants to Suck Electricity from the SUV You Are Required to Buy, Mises Wire (07 September 2023)



The moral? — Wherever we look in the Collective West, lunatic-crazies are in charge


This does not augur well our future, as a purported civilization.