Were the conniving yanquis cowardly? — World Cup qualifier against Honduras — was held in Minnesota at minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit, on purpose

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03 February 2022



A blazing display of zero sportsmanship — and zero American pride


From the Daily Mail:



The United States beat Honduras 3-0 in their World Cup qualifying game on Wednesday as temperatures dropped to -2F in the Minnesota outdoor stadium, with the rival team bashing the decision to play in the freezing weather as 'inconceivable' while the American team defended their victory.  


The visitors were enraged over the choice of venue and the chilling conditions - with two players forced off at half-time with hypothermia and others requiring IV drips to recover.


The wind chill was -8F at kick-off, making it the coldest U.S. home game in the team's history.


U.S. Soccer had chosen Minnesota not only to limit the team's travel time . . . but also to secure an advantage.


Canada had used the same tactic in November to beat Mexico, and the U.S. famously did the same in the March 2013 'Snowclassico,' where the U.S. beat Mexico 1-0 in Denver, Colorado, where players celebrated in the snow.


However, both those games were played at 29F, much warmer than the -2F in the game against Honduras. The players for the Central American country have enjoyed 85F weather this week.


Honduras and the US have played 28 games together since 1965, with the Central American team winning 20 of the games. Three were draws.


'Obviously the [U.S. Soccer] federation tried to pick the best places for us to have an advantage over our opponent,' U.S. midfielder Weston McKennie, told the Star Tribune.


'Whether that's the weather, whether that's the fan base, whether that's a lot of things. Our players are more used to playing in colder weather than Honduran players.'


© 2022 Ronny Reyes and Oli Gamp, Honduras savage the 'inconceivable' decision to make them play their World Cup qualifier against the USA in -2F Minnesota - with two visiting players forced off with hypothermia and others needing IV drips, Daily Mail (03 February 2022)



Let's see . . .


We Americans cannot reliably win at futbol (soccer) on skill. Reportedly having lost 20 and won only 5 against Honduran teams.


So, instead of building our abilities (as most motivated teams would) — apparently we have to stoop to the equivalent of cheating. Thereby conniving to put our warm-zone opponents in the hospital (so to speak), so as to make up for our soccer team's athletic deficiencies.


Admirable qualities, those.


No wonder the world's nations fall over themselves in adulation of Yanqui America.



Consider the geopolitical implications


How to do you think this minus 2 degree Fahrenheit stunt is going to go over with Hondurans?


They take this futbol game way more seriously than we do. Exactly like most of the rest of the world.


And now virtually every one of those folks see how the Yanqui Scumbags demean that (allegedly great) game with their abysmal chickenshitness.


Do you think that this US soccer team stunt will increase American soft power with our southern neighbors, or reduce it?



The moral? — Noodle-spined (male) US futbol connivers  . . .


. . . give our justly once-proud national flag, an obnoxiously bad name today.


I cannot imagine the US women's team doing the same yellow-bellied thing to any opponent.


Honduran contempt for American behavior is appropriate, in this instance. And I suspect that all of Central and South America will justifiably share it.